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Testing Gamer vs Non-Gamer Brains: How Do Video Games Affect You? | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • Can video games help improve hand-eye coordination? Can they help train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities? WIRED Senior Editor Peter Rubin tests his skills against a pro sports gamer to find out if gaming can improve your brain and body.

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    Testing Gamer vs Non-Gamer Brains: How Do Video Games Affect You? | WIRED
  • Source: https://youtu.be/duxWYK-UEiU


  • Saturn V

    Saturn V

     5 days ago

    My w button broken

  •  7 days ago +1

    0:01 playing fortnite

    controller of 90s: ima end this guy while carrer

  • Maverick Hargrave

    Maverick Hargrave

     14 days ago

    I wonder what happens to the brain when you focus only on games that are intentionally realistic, like Squad, Arma, racing simulators, flight simulators, etc.

  • PvPro


     21 days ago +1

    Round of applause to WIRED for not jumping on the bandwagon of video games are bad like seriously, my parents went to a seminar about media on the brain by Scott Ritsema and made me come. Go send that guy some hate. Watch his videos and you'll see what I mean. BTW dislike every one of his videos lets destroy that guy's career!!!

  • Kerem Akyüz

    Kerem Akyüz

     1 months ago

    Also, there is an age gap between the non-gamer and the gamer person, where non-gamer is on his late 30s and gamer on his late 20s. So that would be one of the influences in this study.

  • bettlergott


     1 months ago

    You want to have a healthy thumb👍

  • Green Glasses

    Green Glasses

     1 months ago

    Gamers are weak??

  • Electrokinesis_97


     1 months ago

    Okay, I don't play video games that often...

    But when I play card and board games I get lost and struggle to keep up, yet I can figure any videogame instantly...

  • Mejay Lorenzo

    Mejay Lorenzo

     2 months ago +1

    I play 100hours a day

  • Dazaiel


     2 months ago

    League of Legends is a garbage game. Lol

  • Nelson Jiang

    Nelson Jiang

     2 months ago

    I have been playing vid games a lot for 6 yrs... people are saying this helped improve their eye coordination, typing spd and even helped with their knowledge, and how come im still dumb and unattentive????????????

  • Nelson Jiang

    Nelson Jiang

     2 months ago

    Im still kinda confused, does video games improve ur attention? or only action games or what?

  • maik. z.

    maik. z.

     2 months ago

    Anyone know what is Rotogenflux Methods about? I hear many individuals increase their IQ of 23 points with this intelligence boost system.

  • Todd Boothbee

    Todd Boothbee

     2 months ago

    The host of this video indicated that because the pro gamer was younger, it was obvious he'd be smarter. To what extent is this age bias accurate, or perhaps comically exaggerated? I find this conclusion especially doubtful, considering that he is not particularly old. That is, he's not old.

  • Rookie Alpha

    Rookie Alpha

     2 months ago

    This is so cool... I only make videos of Ragnarok Mobile game.. pls check it out..

  • Nelson Siu

    Nelson Siu

     2 months ago +1

    When I show this to my mom she says it’s an ad for video companies to get people to play their games


  • my tube

    my tube

     2 months ago

    Husband became a gamer his anger went up and activity and social activity became nonexistent. His brain can’t seem to think outside of the game. I games to try and join him after 3 weeks I stopped because I was feeling depressed and my brain was not working how it normally does. Literally felt like it was rotting.

  • αєdя1x 勝利

    αєdя1x 勝利

     3 months ago

    suck my wigly dik

  • YoItsJoswell


     3 months ago

    gamers are used to having people screaming at them while still trying to win the game for example...

    Picking mercy on overwatch and getting told you aren't healing them enough or to stop dying while still healing them.

  • mighty oaks

    mighty oaks

     3 months ago

    Try VR on PS4. Playing reg games are boring. I'm flying spaceships on distance planets and exploring planets in cool spacesuits in VR