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Japanese Street Food - LAYERED BUTTER CAKE Belgian Waffles Japan

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 24, 2017
  • Source: https://youtu.be/dxq-7RcC0Tc


  • Jenny Sun

    Jenny Sun

     3 days ago

    So where is this shop for Baumkuchen and waffles?

  • Svetlana Bermagambet

    Svetlana Bermagambet

     3 days ago

    Что за звуки? Тикание,пищание раздражает

  • sant gmr

    sant gmr

     14 days ago

    It’s a waffle

  • Αντριάνα Κουτούζου

    Αντριάνα Κουτούζου

     1 months ago

    Τώρα αυτό ήταν από απλό ζαχαροπλαστειο? ??έχουν ξεφύγει για να πουλήσουν ένα κέικ 😂😂σε δουλειά να βρίσκονται

  • Ditmar


     1 months ago

    Pan chicloso

  • Kitten Tistar

    Kitten Tistar

     1 months ago +1

    You can also make the “tree cake” at home with a rectangular pan aluminum rods and a lot of practice. It’s one of my favorite deserts to make on my day off

  • Adas


     1 months ago

    that layered butter cake was stolen from Poland's battered cake, "Sekacz"

  • GarrUy/がるうぃー


     1 months ago +1

    13:55 何がとは言わんがとても上手ですね。

  • デンドロビウム


     2 months ago


  • Isabel Navarro

    Isabel Navarro

     2 months ago


  • jung sang

    jung sang

     2 months ago

    lapis legit but japan version

  • Yannick Brus

    Yannick Brus

     2 months ago

    street cake ? You wish... Its call Liège's waffles in Belgium. Its are our so famous dessert speciality. ;)

  • King_Bling


     2 months ago

    I watched this just to listen to the cuckoo clock :-)

  • angela read

    angela read

     2 months ago

    Just watching these vendors make waffles and sweet good things is pure JOY!!

  • Monkeys Uncle

    Monkeys Uncle

     3 months ago

    What are the lumps?

  • mm kk

    mm kk

     3 months ago

    이 시국에?

  • Natalija VEDA

    Natalija VEDA

     3 months ago

    Потрясающе смотреть, как работают Мастера ))) relax и я залипла на ролике ))) невероятно интересно :)

  • greenline99 apparel

    greenline99 apparel

     3 months ago

    Lapis legit

  • Hello 68

    Hello 68

     3 months ago


  • Gemini Girl

    Gemini Girl

     3 months ago +1

    In indonesia this cake name Waffle , coz same like tekstur