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"Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t Manufacturers Say

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
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    We investigate what a "water cooled" phone ACTUALLY is.

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     an hour ago

    Gas is not a fluid..

  • Music Guy

    Music Guy

     16 hours ago

    My cousin put some ice into a box and made a fan to blow the ice's cold air into a pipe that leads to his PC case and he installed a filter at the end of the pipe to make sure no water will go into the mainboard and holy shit that fucking worked and it decreased the temperature by 20+ C degree

  • Rishav Badola

    Rishav Badola


    Help them Jerry

  • Toxically Masculine

    Toxically Masculine


    hah, "water" melon

  • Michael Sears

    Michael Sears

     2 days ago

    They could give the phone a condensation leak

  • Scott Prian

    Scott Prian

     3 days ago

    Why can I play counter strike in real time on my 10 year old computer, but they can't make a phone that has real time touch screen?

  • Andrew LaSalle

    Andrew LaSalle

     6 days ago

    But air is a fluid amaterafact all gasses are a fluid that's why helium is lighter than air because it is less dense (honers science)

  • Tntexploder TNT

    Tntexploder TNT

     6 days ago +4

    my imagination:

    kid: dad I'm feeling sick
    Linus: because a virus has infected your system
    kid: dad..... don't do this
    Linus: you know who can help you get rid of it
    kid: dad please ... don't
    Linus : some medicine


  • SilverKnight


     6 days ago

    Sooo, did anyone else look at this thumbnail and think, "Why the fuck is Christian Bale in a YouTube video??"

    ...Just me? k.

  • Jerri Kangasniemi

    Jerri Kangasniemi

     7 days ago

    Your sponsored link only leads to an "Access denied" page 👀

  • Nugget Pug

    Nugget Pug

     7 days ago

    3:03 that looks very I-phoney haha get it coz its not really ios

  • PSH


     7 days ago

    Pretty much one of the most disastrous teardown😂😂

  • Andrew Opperman

    Andrew Opperman

     14 days ago

    This video was created by a mistake

  • Nodres


     14 days ago +2

    Like how you can here go in the start of the vid 0:00

  • Andy


     14 days ago

    I'm surprised heat pipes aren't more utilized in desktops in place of what is traditionally considered "water cooling". They are amazingly effective with a lot less hassle or potential mess.

  • Mr. TriiCkS

    Mr. TriiCkS

     21 days ago

    I bought it off aliexpress lol

  • Alex K

    Alex K

     21 days ago

    Water cooled fone? It's called "dived in toilet". Some times with brown "thermal paste"...

  • X T

    X T

     21 days ago +4

    "That's cute."

  • RedPandaHero Gaming

    RedPandaHero Gaming

     21 days ago

    Isin’t this Jerry’s job

  • Marc


     a months ago

    11:53 so our bodies help to cool our devices?!
    blood cooling!