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ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 31, 2018
  • The winter is here again, and this time I wanted to prepare myself for this 6 cold months to come. This winter I want to feel the cold as a source of power, and not the opposite.
    I thought that taking a little swim in the ice cold water is the best way to start this winter, to really get into the very core of how cold feels like. Almost like a ritual. The ice swim become a symbol for not letting the cold take control of me.

    And it's a way of testing myself. It's a strange feeling to do something when my whole body tells me to not do it.

    This is something I will try to do regularly during this winter. Because taking a ice swim really has the most amazing effect on our body and mind. I have never, ever felt so full of live as the two times I have taken a swim in ice cold water. It's like giving your body a power start.

    ❄ THANK YOU Wim Hof for inspiring me to see the cold from another perspective ➙
    Check him out for lots of inspiration! ♥

    Have you ever taken a icebath/ice swim? Or is it something you would like to try one day? Or would you never even consider doing it? :)
    Please let me know in the comments!

    I hope you liked the video. I hope it will bring some inspiration. Not only to take ice swims, but to face the things that drains you, and take a step outside the comfort zone.



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    Красивая девушка, красивые слова , красивый клип)

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     7 hours ago

    the farther she walks in the water the more nervous i get..bbbrrrrr

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     9 hours ago

    Wow! Wim Hof, you’ve become very cute 😜❤️🙏❄️

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    Bruh u nuts

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    n-roj poc

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    Love it❤

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    Gravity Mindfulness

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    You put a smile on my face, thank you Jonna.

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    Sen kafayı sıyırmışsın

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    I didn't know I want this type of life . Thanks

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    I admire you and how you view these things. Your perspective

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    Качественно сделанное позёрство...

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    She is the real "khaleesi" from Game of Thrones ❤️. She is really strong, really I love her personality and her effort on this youtube channel .

  • Lonely Mike

    Lonely Mike


    It was cold in my room so I took a sweater on but the video motivated me and I took it off. I'm Alive

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    Good activity but why does she talk to the winter lmao

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    Rabitha El Adawiya

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    Pls make subtitle Indonesian

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    Красиво и только. А так не понимая, методов закаливания можно получить пневмонию и тогда - уноси готовинького, с холодом не шутят..

  • Paul P

    Paul P

     2 days ago

    just love it