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GAMING HIGH ~ Lofi Video Game Mix

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • Tracklist-1. 0:00 Mikel - 𝙾𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚒𝚖𝚎 Lofi2. 1:02 away - minecraft lofi3. 1:56 ⁢TV Blonde - Peach4. 4:02 Eric Godlow - decisions5. 5:59 Level Up - Mario Lofi (by YoungKC)6. 7:15 Persona 5 - Beneath The Mask - Rain - LoFi [Prod. Yung Shinra]7. 11:12 Rirakkusu🌊 - slippin' up.8. 12:40 seabianes - Zelda Lofi Hip Hop9. 13:45 citrusgastank - the journey ahead (windwaker outset Island Remix)10. 16:20 digital - zelda great fairy fountain11. 18:37 citrusgastank - till that day comes (kingdom hearts lofi remix)12. 21:27 Mearmada - Kenopsia13. 23:58 Super Mario 64 - Piranha Plant's Lullaby (Nick_Garcia98 LoFi Remix)14. 25:58 Mikel - GTA III Lofi15. 27:37 kean - can we be friends?16. 29:58 citrusgastank - my friends are my power (kingdom hearts 2 sanctuary remix)17. 32:25 Mikel - Super Mario Lofi18. 34:49 YpsN - Need a break ?19. 37:02 NintenDubs - Zora's Domain Lofi Remix20. 39:46 O M I L I - 2pm21. 41:34 Opxra - Unwnd. 92' Ft. Tetris22. 45:11 the pillar of autumn - halo combat evolved (lofi hiphop mix by furlong)23. 46:51 The Wish - Final Fantasy 13-2 (~Azure~ LoFi Remix)24. 48:17 Rirakkusu🌊 - 250¥25. 50:07 WiLL Raza - Kairi Kingdom Hearts LoFi Hip Hop26. 52:13 The PROPH€T - Lofi Sample Type Beat (Just Kirby and I Sample).nintendo chillin.~ Video Game Lofi Hip Hop Mix ~Apparel- Twitter- to help continue this channel - you trap and rap music for everyone to enjoy..Rap/Trap Music- IN PARADISE Playlist- Remixes of Popular songs- adventure time video game mixUnderground lofi playlistlofi ロフィー・ヒップホップChill lofi Mix , Jake playing video games mixJazz-Hop , Jazzy Hip Hop mixgaming high mixgaming high , 2019 lofi mixdriving music , smoking music Beats to study to mix, smoking lofi mixchill lofi hip hop beatsfinn and jake wave visualschill video game lofi remixes mixchillpop mix lofi mix , jazzy lofi hip-hop , lofipop chill study/relax beatsSmooth Sounds | Non Copyrighted Music高い運転
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  • Snow STAR ™

     10 days ago

    {\ _ /}( • - • )/~🍪Take this biscuit and everything is gonna be okay ...

  • OSanoBR

     20 hours ago

    @Cecilio Ravioli kkkkkkk calma cara X-D

  • Lyns


    thank you, I needed that <3

  • Eric Godlow Beats

     2 months ago

    ayy my songs on here! sick mix!

  • Dan Fernandes

     4 days ago

    Nice song loved it

  • dATboi

     12 days ago

    Number 4

  • DeadlyShadow 4034

     2 months ago

    I am a simple man, i see anything Adventure Time, i click.

  • honeyboy .yoongs

     4 days ago

    I mean, it is adventure time.. and jake is a cool dude

  • Lunarity

     8 days ago

    Burning Fox same 😂😂

  • 10000 pounds of sloth cigars

     1 months ago

    Zelda games have the most lofi-able music lol

  • Shiney I 宇智波上帝


    Yeha no one fcking talking so you can Play IT with friends

  • Iliyan Vasilev

     4 days ago

    i like how lofi-able isnt an actual word but we all understood what he meant

  • Queen Quintessential

     3 days ago

    I could listen to Zelda music for the rest of my life, it is one of the most beautiful things you'll ever hear. Like Adventure Time's music, hit's you right where it hurts and makes it not hurt so much you know?

  • 방봉

     2 months ago

    Thank you for making this. I genuinely feel lucky to be alive in a time when people make this kind of content.It saddens me to think that one day, Kingdom Hearts and Ocarina of Time samples will no longer be recognizable or relevant to anybody. Right now, though, I can enjoy the peak of my adulthood - my peers are becoming content creators, making all kinds of awesome stuff like these mixes and my Hey Arnold! T-Shirt. Never stop trappin.

  • G Stellar

     12 days ago

    no cap. feeling that comment

  • rian metal

     17 days ago

    already streets depressive of shit>: v

  • Antonio Fuentes


    what an amazing way to start, I just listen the sounds and thought i hear it somewhere else, of course Zelda ocarina of time !! Kid memories fuck yeahhh !!

  • wsz


    This mix with some TFT matches, ohh lord, so satisfying...

  • citrusgastank III

     2 months ago

    thanks so much for featuring my songs in this great mix :)<3

  • Ethan Schaltegger

     2 months ago

    CitrusGasTank III this is a beautiful song ❤️

  • セカンドライフ Corp.

     2 months ago

    I'm the 420th like!I feel special.

  • Mister E.

     2 months ago

    Blaze it mi brudah !!