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What Are You Doing? Dumbest Plays in Sports History

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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  • Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Ganymede, Jupiter III

     a years ago +1013

    Sometimes you love basketball so much you dunk the other team's free throw

  • Dr Exile HitmanVonDoom

    Dr Exile HitmanVonDoom

     a years ago +1268

    That is no longer the stupidest ting JR Smith has done now.

  • charlie chann

    charlie chann

     a years ago +227

    Lots of plays where players gave up but 3:40 Morgan was one of the most dispicable selfish acts I've seen. Throwing hat and gloves down when a live ball is five feet away letting a second base hit turn into an inside the park run should never happen.

  • Hasitat


     8 months ago +272

    2:15 "you gonna grab that?"
    "Nah homie you go ahead"
    "Aight cool"

  • Visda58


     a years ago +431

    9:57 W H A T W A S T H E P L A N

  • Team Dunny

    Team Dunny

     a years ago +173

    The foul shot at 8:25 baahhahahhahlollolol hahajajaj

  • Nighthawk7x20


     6 months ago +176

    Backyard soccer doesnt count
    *misses from 1ft away"
    Okay it counts

  • Roppis


     3 months ago +63

    5:15 Any amateur here could've probably scored that, but missing that requires some serious skill

  • Darkwolfe


     a years ago +1480

    You could've just played the Cleveland Browns entire 2017 season and had a full and accurate video.

  • Caleb Olson

    Caleb Olson

     a years ago +641

    Add JR Smith 2018 Finals

  • Mike Ashley is a legend

    Mike Ashley is a legend

     7 days ago +18

    1:56 he didn't do it on purpose, he heard a whistle from the crowd and thought that it was the ref

  • Shrish


     a years ago +29

    Third one is not dumb. Mario thought there was a whistle , so he just casually put the ball out of play.

  • Fuyuhiko


     3 months ago +18

    5:16 how is that even possible? it goes against the laws of physics

  • Rocco


     a years ago +1236

    Some of these are actually pissing me off, like 3:40 , youre in the MLB and you throw a temper tantrum and not finish the play???

  • puckoster


     a years ago +71

    haha another JR Smith brainfart at 3:00 :D

  • Matt From wii sports

    Matt From wii sports

     a years ago +20

    U play 59 minutes + 53 seconds for THIS?!?

  • NO NAME Lyrics

    NO NAME Lyrics

     4 months ago +11

    TOUCHDOWN... oh wait, it's 100 yards the other way

  • Mostlyharmless1985


     3 months ago +14

    Poor Wrong Way.
    Have an enormously successful career, nfl championship, 2 pro bowls, 3 years all pro
    Most consecutive starts. Be remembered for the most boneheaded moment in NFL history.

  • Lucid Cactus

    Lucid Cactus

     a years ago +1413

    Lol at the guy who dunked the free throw

  • Submersed24


     a years ago +8

    I like how at 1:38 the other team is congratulating him😂😂