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Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners(2000-2018)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners for this Century (2000-2018)
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  • Justin Bennett

     1 years ago

    The Griffin car dunk was overrated.

  • Henrique Osmarini

     2 days ago

    That's true, but the funniest thing is that if the guy was black you wouldn't say that lol

  • waffleman

     6 days ago

    If he jumped over a bigger thing (like Shaq) it would’ve been better.

  • Brent Moua

     6 months ago

    Where Aaron Gordon’s under the legs dunk?

  • Some Randome Idiot .mp4

     8 days ago

    In the trash

  • Freaky Gamers

     9 days ago

    It says champions

  • TheLegendaryLinx

     4 months ago

    Gordon’s under the leg over the mascot dunk was better than all of them and Gordon didnt even win.

  • My YouTube channel got hacked

     20 days ago

    You’re just salty tbh

  • Sadjib Oljavek Quaranzumas III

     23 days ago

    "of Dunk Contest winners"

  • Umut Carter

     4 months ago

    The reverse 360 windmill will always be no 1 till the end of time..

  • Will Ward

     10 days ago

    Yep, until someone does a 720.

  • purplinko

     3 months ago

    @Warren Mazengwe first of all i never said anything about Jordan and second I can celebrate the player without idolising the man also im pretty sure i remember his 6 rings better then you so chill out with your blackman d-fence

  • Jacob Chrabaszcz

     4 months ago

    TURN DOWN THE TRANSITION MUSICYou getting a dislike just for that

  • ItzBobby

     13 days ago

    Is it that bad 😂

  • Ikeyy

     15 days ago

    Jacob Chrabaszcz right😂😂

  • ada777

     1 years ago

    Great video but there are two things I don't like:1. The loud music is just too gay2. The gay music is too loud

  • Substrate GT

     20 hours ago

    100% facts

  • Fancy Family

     12 days ago

    @A7 Farley the music is terrible you cant say he is impatient

  • NSG_Diūshī

     11 days ago

    Did anyone else notice this dude went from 7 to 10

  • Vince Liu

     4 months ago

    Well VC15 is still unbeatable, but I think no.3 should be the best. It’s just so beautiful on every aspect.

  • Greg Ka Kit Liang

     10 days ago

    He is Air Canada

  • Juju jujuria

     12 days ago

    can't agree one's ever done that move with so much grace and power.Gordon's under both legs should be no. 2 though

  • Androsred Scrap

     4 months ago

    Aaron Gordon double ynder the leg has to be in top 5

  • Twisted PencilBTW

     4 months ago

    Not the average Joe haimdou diallo jumped over shaq Aaron Gordon jumped over a mascot through the legs still it’s shaq cmon

  • Nemo Boss00

     4 months ago

    Liam Neeson the contest would have kept going and it wasn’t over

  • Darsean Taylor

     5 months ago

    Vince Carter best dunk contest I've ever seen I still remember being at a bowling alley, not believing what I was seeing back then lol