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Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners(2000-2018)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners for this Century (2000-2018)
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  • krisbelly navas

    krisbelly navas

     4 days ago

    7:12 nojoda lo que hizo fue lanzarla adentro de la canasta nisiquiera toco el aro

  • Raul Mangubat

    Raul Mangubat

     4 days ago

    Easy dunk Zach

  • VeR Players

    VeR Players

     6 days ago

    Best of the best is VINCE CARTER.
    No doubt



     6 days ago

    What..that all they can do..after 20 years playing? Damn..give to the any Xgames guy..they will do more better trick...

  • Smitty24


     7 days ago

    It's so nice to see J Rich's reverse windmill getting some love. That was an incredible dunk, most people don't appreciate it like they should

  • Arnaud Lemoine

    Arnaud Lemoine

     7 days ago

    Et le dunk de M Jordan en volant de la ligne des lancers francs, le meilleur dunk de l'histoire de la NBA.

  • brandon nichols

    brandon nichols

     7 days ago

    The Blake griffin dunk was trash

  • didier beubes

    didier beubes

     14 days ago

    1st Carter, 2nd Carter, 3rd Carter and not Jordan, Bryant etc it’s a joke !!!

  • LucaJRz


     14 days ago

    How was that dunk number 1??

  • Rodrigo Silva

    Rodrigo Silva

     14 days ago

    Like por el gordito corriendo

  • DJ Paquibo

    DJ Paquibo

     21 days ago

    Lavine's between the legs free throw dunk should've been the number 1.

  • basketball 4_seasons

    basketball 4_seasons

     21 days ago

    you like Carter

  • MrAsched


     21 days ago

    cant understand last one

  • DM DownTown AnkleBreakrr

    DM DownTown AnkleBreakrr

     21 days ago

    Carter’s dunk was a 270 and Paul George did that in a game

  • DM DownTown AnkleBreakrr

    DM DownTown AnkleBreakrr

     21 days ago

    Griffin’s dunk is overrated. That part of the car is shorter then Kevin Hart even i can jump over that . Now if he jumped over the top that would be impressive

  • Rosco P. Coldchain

    Rosco P. Coldchain

     21 days ago

    This dumb ass music made me not want to watch this joint.

  • Oni Chan

    Oni Chan

     28 days ago

    Nba 2016 dunk contest is the best dunk contest in my opinion

  • Joshua San diego

    Joshua San diego

     1 months ago

    Pota pault ulit

  • Ray Alexander

    Ray Alexander

     1 months ago

    The music is suck

  • Cosmo_ XD

    Cosmo_ XD

     1 months ago

    Like if Gordon got robbed