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THE EQUALIZER 2 Film Clip - "Let's Go Miles"

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • #TheEqualizer2 in theaters July 20th.

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    Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?

    Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

    Denzel Washington
    Pedro Pascal
    Ashton Sanders
    with Bill Pullman
    and Melissa Leo
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  • Mike Doyle

    Mike Doyle

     4 months ago

    Award for most clever comeback goes to....2:02

  • Forestroad08


     7 months ago +1

    SIT DOWN , Sit Down , sit down , sit down

  • Rayyan Tirmizi

    Rayyan Tirmizi

     8 months ago


  • Jessica


     a years ago

    Good movie

  • Khaleel Ghany

    Khaleel Ghany

     a years ago

    Stupid video pleaae come off yputube

  • Taajwar Pope

    Taajwar Pope

     a years ago +5

    Epic sequel. Best father figure by Denzel Washington. 👍👍👍

  • Terrell Givens

    Terrell Givens

     a years ago +2

    0:10 throat chop!!

  • Edwin Ortiz

    Edwin Ortiz

     a years ago +1

    Awesome scene

  • Blind weak heart 💔

    Blind weak heart 💔

     a years ago

    Who’s the girl at 1:20

  • Phillip Carter

    Phillip Carter

     a years ago +1

    Can't wait. Love it!!!! Can he stop by Superflys 🏠😂🤔

  • Kendra Ann

    Kendra Ann

     a years ago +3

    Miles was that embarrassed kid in class when the parents come in with pajamas on. You know you're in trouble but try to front like it's not about to go down outside lol! Certainly enjoyed their bond in this film

  • TherpThad


     a years ago +57

    The real gold comes after this scene thoooo

  • Nano Lopez

    Nano Lopez

     a years ago +1

    That's my old building. Miss my old hood RUGGLES ST #RST #💧ONEOFTHEML'sNIKKAS💪💪🔥GANG

  • Zahava Alves

    Zahava Alves

     a years ago

    Yessss this shits Dope 💯 #boston #baby ❤🔥

  • glndlbro83


     a years ago +64

    "I'm your father, your mama just didn't tell ya." 😂😂

  • clarindan joe

    clarindan joe

     a years ago +1


  • CleanserOfNoobs


     a years ago +5

    Notice how he had two pistols at the elevator, then when he brakes through the door, he has a fuckin Uzi. Was that a mistake or are we led to believe he beat some other guys up on his way to Miles?

  • Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

    Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

     a years ago +1

    Why is this age restricted.

  • Tanner


     a years ago +2

    We want a new Venom trailer.

  • dynamic


     a years ago

    Waiting on this movie