Amazing Big Fish Catching Vessel On The Sea, Big Catch Fishing Process

Amazing Big Fish Catching Vessel On The Sea, Big Catch Fishing Process

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • sohail khuhro

    sohail khuhro

     5 hours ago

    They are just destroying nature... So sad to see..

  • wade middleton

    wade middleton

     19 hours ago

    thats not amazing, its just *king disgusting... ...

  • James Anglin

    James Anglin

     19 hours ago

    Any luck? Got a couple

  • Blake Karlsson

    Blake Karlsson


    This is so so wrong no wonder mother nature hates us so sad look at the size of the net bigger then the mcg

  • Triyono Sukses

    Triyono Sukses

     2 days ago

    Habis isi lautan

  • Oneng Berdua

    Oneng Berdua

     2 days ago

    this needs to stop

  • Oscar Mayer

    Oscar Mayer

     2 days ago +1

    This is is hard to stomach.. Raping mother earth..

  • Jeff Bowman

    Jeff Bowman

     4 days ago

    This is bullshit, kill all these guys and eat them instead.

  • ايمن الحربي

    ايمن الحربي

     5 days ago


  • Tienteh Chen

    Tienteh Chen

     8 days ago

    so disgusting

  • Feki D. Lengkong

    Feki D. Lengkong

     8 days ago


  • sameeksha jain

    sameeksha jain

     9 days ago

    This should be stopped on immediate basis. Shameful act!

  • Wei Li Yin

    Wei Li Yin

     9 days ago

    Holy crap that’s big catch. How the fish gonna recover?

  • Dangdut Jahat

    Dangdut Jahat

     9 days ago

    Have you ever meet SUSI PUDJIASTUTI?

  • kang Tacik

    kang Tacik

     11 days ago

    Wow kalo dapat hiu itu gimana🤔

  • fulanitoflyer


     12 days ago

    the oceans are really massive, while this looks like a lot it really isn't.

  • sid555


     18 days ago

    Paul Watson Seasheperd will get you !!!😡😵

  • Çay varsa Çay ver

    Çay varsa Çay ver

     19 days ago

    Fuck this mantalite



     20 days ago

    Habis dah isi laut

  • Chester Miller

    Chester Miller

     23 days ago

    This should be stopped!! Fish will run out one day and that will be something else we can thank our government for. Today they even run nets threw our rivers for catfish. It's a shame!! and I think it should be a crime because of all the other fish that are killed with net fishing. once again the dollar wins!