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The Freakiest Eaters

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 5, 2019
  • This is the greatest freaky eating of All Time
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  • Scariett909


     4 hours ago

    Raw broccoli is the best !! Especially with ranch !

  • Violet R

    Violet R

     10 hours ago

    Well that way when he finds the corn starch he doesnt find all of it and thinks its not as bad as it is!

  • Glorious Gal

    Glorious Gal

     11 hours ago

    Does she swallow or just chew?

  • Blimm


     13 hours ago

    she is eating fucking walls how the fuck she is so fat

  • batt3ryac1d


     15 hours ago

    Honestly eating pizza every day is probably ok if you kept up the variety and had loads of vegetable ones and not loads of greasy ass ones.

  • Evan Abbott

    Evan Abbott

     17 hours ago

    Not even Coca Cola? But that shitty “Cola”??🙄😁

  • Mr Fuzzball

    Mr Fuzzball

     22 hours ago

    I snorted plaster in 9th grade with a friend true story

  • Timofey Bednarchuk

    Timofey Bednarchuk


    this is why brick eating is more elaborate than corn starch eating, if they find your corn starch stash then its gone, but you dont need to hide walls, and what happens if they find the wall? they cant get rid of the fucking house can they, this post was made by the brick eating gang

  • Unsung Guardian

    Unsung Guardian


    My family can go to hell. Give me that f-clong corn starch

  • ZoroarKid Gamer

    ZoroarKid Gamer

     yesterday +1

    Why are you addicted to Chewing Gum?

    Well you see my father never accepted me as a child

  • Kirisame Marisa

    Kirisame Marisa


    How come girl drinking hectolitres of coke is way more fit than the one eating bricks?

  • Majestic Unicorn

    Majestic Unicorn

     2 days ago

    how do you start eating bricks

  • Mistress Roach

    Mistress Roach

     2 days ago

    This is bullshit, bricks taste way better than drywall.

  • primitiverust


     2 days ago

    If you want to eat raw meat that badly just eat cured or dry aged meat

  • platform14


     2 days ago

    dude really said immunity doesnt exist? ur telling me all those vaccines that are injecting weaker versions of the virus into my body is the government trying to kill me early?? the anti vaxxers were right

  • Hayden Mcelrath-Furia

    Hayden Mcelrath-Furia

     2 days ago

    Prisons fear her

  • Xo Luminal

    Xo Luminal

     2 days ago

    due everytime he talks i cant hear the vidoe can you turn your mic volume down please

  • TheBladus


     2 days ago

    That woman is a predecessor to the Gorons

  • ilmu011


     2 days ago

    typical trash tv

    kinda sad this even exists because it means a lot of people watch it

  • Dope Sauce

    Dope Sauce

     2 days ago +1

    If this lady ever goes to prison you know what's her food