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Morgan Shoots A Beauty Roulette Video: Part 3 • Ladylike

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • "You said brushes down, you didn't say palette closed."Special thanks to Glamsqaud: to Ladylike! LadyLike:Subscribe for your weekly dose of Freddie, Chantel, Devin, Kristin and Jen and all the antics that they get up to. Expect new videos three times a week. We are so excited to have you here!Connect with LadyLike:Like us on Facebook: us on Instagram: our merch: style tips, makeup advice, and must-have products with the As/Is Newsletter: business inquiries, email :
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  • Jaida Lynn

    Jaida Lynn

     1 months ago +2120

    All of a sudden Devin comes out from under the stable to swat Freddie from cheating 😂

  • Lyds Elizondo

    Lyds Elizondo

     1 months ago +1461

    “I usually only lose because it’s judge biased” Jen I love you 😂😂😂

  • Lily Rose

    Lily Rose

     1 months ago +2348

    The motherly energy that ladylike is giving off w Morgan makes my heart so happy. Their all so pure 😍

  • mad hatter loves panic at the disco

    mad hatter loves panic at the disco

     1 months ago +1598

    Kristin ~ who is opening a candy bar?
    Jen~ what!?!?!

  • Carolina De La Rosa

    Carolina De La Rosa

     1 months ago +546

    “I just really wanna make Morgan proud, ok?”
    Jen is really making me cry out here 🤧

  • Chloe_ Singz

    Chloe_ Singz

     1 months ago +950

    She’s so fricken cuteee 😭💕💕 ssoooo glad she had this experience 💛

  • CE Massey

    CE Massey

     1 months ago +91

    Jens comment about losing cause of Judge bias is so true. Like the one time Jen actually cheated she got her points docked but Freddie never does

  • Aaliyah Haughton

    Aaliyah Haughton

     1 months ago +781

    I knew Jen would be opening the candy bar whilst Devin was talking lmao

  • #smile湖面罢了


     1 months ago +637

    Who loves Jen
    Me 🖐

  • Kyle Henson

    Kyle Henson

     1 months ago +534

    5:06 - I don’t know why but Devin popping up like this in that pose with her hair, wearing like a leopard/cheetah print, and how she talks makes me think about how she should’ve been cast in the CATS movie

  • Penn Carlson

    Penn Carlson

     1 months ago +60

    Jen: I'm probably the best at makeup in Ladylike.
    Me: Cut to her with eye glued shut in the eyelash vid o

  • Shannon Moran

    Shannon Moran

     1 months ago +473

    Does anyone else think she looks like Kristen?!

  • Musa Flora

    Musa Flora

     1 months ago +371

    Who else was watching this expecting Freddie to cheat

  • The 9th Spade

    The 9th Spade

     1 months ago +341

    Kudos to Morgan for making a Wish that we all get to enjoy as well!



     1 months ago +129

    Jen was stupidly lucky with the palette and the amount of colors 😂😂

  • hey it's holland

    hey it's holland

     1 months ago +108

    Idc what yall say, jen is the true winner😩👌🏻

  • Destinee Horsland

    Destinee Horsland

     1 months ago +462

    I have been waiting for this episode! Can’t wait. Morgan is the sweetest thing. 💕🥰

  • neeon Fox

    neeon Fox

     1 months ago +63

    Morgan cheating like the rest of the girls....she truly gets Ladylike competitions!! 🤣🤣🤣❤👏👍

  • Kaley


     1 months ago +34

    “I usually only lose bcs of judge bias.”
    If that ain’t the DAMN TRUTH👏

  • Hannah


     1 months ago +29

    I'm sitting here with a face mask drying so hard on my face and I almost cracked the entire thing when Devin crawled out from under that table. I am freaking dead 😂