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Jeffree Star vs. Kylie Jenner Car Collection || Who's more boujee?

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 27, 2018
  • Jeffree Star vs. Kylie Jenner Car Collection || Who's more boujee?Watch Part 3 here: Part 1 here: the complete series here: me on Instagram
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  • Bombing With Bini

     9 months ago

    difference Jeffree - got richKylie - born rich

  • LPM_0ff13 MIAY

     22 days ago

    and then the wealth of the parents do not impact the wealth of their child unless their parents dies and kris and caitlyn are not dead so kylie has to work to be rich it's not his mother who has to pay all are business SORRY IM FRENCH MY ENGLISH IS NOT VERY GOOOOOOOD

  • LPM_0ff13 MIAY

     22 days ago

    And ? What is the problem . Kylie does nlt ask to be born rich

  • UWU

     9 months ago

    I prefer someone who *works for their money*

  • Its Vi UwU

     a months ago

    Doesn’t Jeffree have a business and work? No offence or you or anything I haut want to confirm it

  • Lauren Werner

     9 months ago

    These cars all cost more than my house individually lmao

  • SkullSlasherMO

     20 days ago

    My house cost $136,000 when there FUCKING CAR COST 1M!! Like wtf?!

  • Klara Ponjavic

     2 months ago

    They cost more than my life

  • Gacha Go!

     7 months ago

    Kylie was born rich right? jeffree just GOT rich?*I'm broke*

  • Lourdes Harper

     2 months ago

    @SammiSchaferVlog s YEAs Kylie 😏🤣🤙💘💞🤑

  • SammiSchaferVlog s

     4 months ago

    Ashlee Prasad she just said that

  • Jung shooketh

     8 months ago

    And then there is me who still cant afford a car....

  • Manuel Alvarez

     4 months ago

    Musonda Chisenga and then there is me who can’t afford a bike

  • Matthewos Abebe

     10 months ago

    Being rich and having money? *Can't relate*

  • Addyson Pot

     8 months ago

    I can relate

  • Heidi Hudson

     8 months ago

    Matthewos Abebe Same!

  • BewareTheSnakeus

     9 months ago

    Jeffree wins. Idk why. He just. Wins.

  • Jayden Cook

     2 months ago

    Bianca xx LMFAAAAOO you’re fucking cancelled. “who choose to be lgbtq+” you’re a disgrace.

  • Bluepink 123

     3 months ago

    Bianca xx whatever bye 😂♥️

  • Meanjuice

     5 months ago

    Jeffree star also has a Lamborghini Urus.

  • M I N S U G A

     8 months ago

    *Jeffree is clearly more boujee.*

  • Fortnite GurllGamer

     8 months ago

    Jeffree clearly wins. End of story. Period. Thts how we slay sisters💰

  • Poetic Justice

     3 months ago

    Fortnite GurllGamer what he won? petty award? he needs to mind his own business and stop hating on other ppl.

  • Kekske Jekelw

     5 months ago