Are Geese OP?

Are Geese OP?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
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    "With a song like a dying balloon and a penchant for attacking humans, the canada goose is hard to love. But then again, so are most of us.”
    -John Green, The Anthropocene Reviewed

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  • TierZoo


     4 months ago +818

    This vid is getting a lot of hits from an external source. Can someone tell me where?

  • Jairo Hernandez

    Jairo Hernandez

     an hour ago

    That bo2 background music brought back a lot of memories

  • Jennifer Andersen

    Jennifer Andersen

     7 hours ago

    I hate geese and would punt one across a pond for sh**s and giggles. You can't tell me it wouldn't be hilarious to see a goose flying like a football. That being said, they'd have to menace me first, and under no circumstances should anyone ever f**k with a swan. It's just a big white goose that can actually break your bones. No thanks. I'd rather a big spider I can keep an eye on. At least most bigger spiders will just hurt like hell for a while if you get bitten (and fuck banana spiders btw. they're bad enough tp avoid a censor)

  • Matt Ball Bonsai

    Matt Ball Bonsai

     15 hours ago

    that Kangaroo nailed him

  • Sabin Tandukar

    Sabin Tandukar

     18 hours ago

    Aerial ace, wing attack and peck. I almost choked.

  • Silly Samson

    Silly Samson

     21 hours ago

    Notice how the geese shown in the first example are all Canadian geese? Their ability to stand up to larger opponents is no accident, it's a deliberate sabotage by humans. By making it illegal to hit these Canadian geese with a vehicle while they're in the US they've in return been given them a false sense of swagger. It is without a doubt one of the biggest backfires in the history of the game.

  • Soviet Catto

    Soviet Catto


    I thin humans shouldn’t be nerfed, as I play it all the time.

  • Mikkel Snoghøj Obsen H6A

    Mikkel Snoghøj Obsen H6A

     yesterday +1

    Swans are scary as fuck, one's i had to get past two adult swans, they also had chicks who just made Them even more aggressive, and when i tried to get past Them, they started hissing at me and walking towards me, so i backed off and tried Again without looking at Them and walking fast, i manneged to get passed Them, i allmost crapped my pants when they started hissing and walking towards me.

  • Xulpine



    Damn what's the song playing in the background at the beginning?

  • Akia Mendoza

    Akia Mendoza


    They were in TEKKEN 7

  • Mia Destroyer of worlds

    Mia Destroyer of worlds


    Now I want to go fight a goose

  • Dare Run

    Dare Run

     yesterday +1

    That power bar ought to be higher for the goose in my opinion... I mean, there are plenty of reports of people getting arm bones broken by geese and swans alike, not to mention just the damage they can do without breaking anything. Some of it can be quite severe. Also, you forgot to mention the exploit that geese players have been using to get a higher K/D ratio... They simply fly up and activate retribution so to speak, sending themselves into the jet engine of a plane to clog the engine, sacrificing themselves to potentially kill everyone on board the flight. If lucky, the goose can potentially gain a 600+ kill count to their ratio, on top of what they might have already earned thru other means. Of course this will also add 1 to their death count, but that's a decision for the goose mains.

  • Tea Time ASMR

    Tea Time ASMR

     2 days ago

    Where my swan mains at??? 🦢🦢🦢

  • CheapseaChicken


     2 days ago

    "#4 just main cloud"

  • shan xiang teo

    shan xiang teo

     2 days ago

    Talk about elegance

  • Crash T

    Crash T

     2 days ago

    rat main here
    how would it be if you would attach a bow to a goose? maybe then they would have no weaknesses
    rats with bows are pretty much OP

  • navytashigi


     2 days ago

    Now I need to see if there is a Swan video specifically.

  • purplerains


     2 days ago

    I neeeeed an aesthetics ranking vid

  • Hanskramer000 Kramer123

    Hanskramer000 Kramer123

     3 days ago

    I love the start of you videos

  • pine cone

    pine cone

     3 days ago

    Not strong.
    Just assholes.