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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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  • lauren b

     7 days ago

    Evidence that you were here before 8 mil⬇️

  • Charlie Storks

     13 minutes ago


  • 방탄Evelyna

     an hour ago

    lauren b i was here at 100k

  • Megan Smith

     4 days ago

    People: EmMa ChAmBeRliN dOeSn’T tAkE sHoWeRsEmma: * Does an add for shampoo *

  • itsyogirlkira


    Megan Smith *ad

  • Kareena Nagpal

     2 days ago


  • BlueFireJack

     3 days ago

    “As you recently know, I just turned 18!” *drives Mercedes and has owned a few apartments*

  • Mia Gerald

     2 hours ago

    Those r the things u can afford instead of a college education!

  • William Lee

     6 hours ago

    She drives a Subaru. That’s a huge difference.

  • Angeline Boustani

     3 days ago

    My mum: don’t touch anything you don’t live hereEmma’s mum: how about you put slippers on your hands and slide around the hotel room...

  • Farah_zoe

     2 days ago


  • Landry Medlock

     3 days ago

    Angeline Boustani you don’t live here 😂💀

  • Ke'Azia W.

     3 days ago

    *honk*Emma: w-*honk*Emma: wh- *honk*Emma: wha-*HONK*Emma: WHAT!!!

  • Rubi Nava



  • Nimrit Randhawa

     8 days ago

    "why am i tired when i didn't do anything today" all of us 24/7

  • aloha ah yes

     3 days ago

    so quirky!1!1! 😂😂

  • low brightness

     3 days ago

    can’t relate srry

  • Angie Flores

     4 days ago

    “Did I just get honked at...? I didn’t move my carrr” MEEEE

  • you’re now my property

     2 hours ago

    Angie Flores that’s the reason people honk. move your cars lol

  • nate riley jones

     3 days ago

    Angie Flores omg right!! i do the same thing when someone says “shut up” when i’m not even talking😂

  • Natalia Pedraza

     3 days ago

    Emma:I’m lonely *me sees one person at the pool*Mom can we leave

  • Butterball Beee

     4 days ago

    When you’re 18: I’m bored, I’m lonely. When you’re 28: yesssss alone time !!

  • Alysia Moore

     19 hours ago

    I'm 12, and I relate to the 28 year old so much.

  • Landen Johnson

     2 days ago

    *any age* alone time!!!!

  • 300,000 subscribers without any videos

     3 days ago

    How many people honked at Emma⬇️⬇️⬇️