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Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 21, 2016
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  • Spacebound

     10 months ago

    **NEW** Top 10 SCARY Moments Caught On TWITCH Live Stream! (2018)

  • khadka Entertainment

     8 days ago

    Supar video Plz suport me ...🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵nepalGood nyt have a swet drems

  • Carter Gaming

     9 days ago

    ass man

  • Ajax Xaja

     2 years ago

    Imagine getting swatted playing CS:GO and they just hear *Bomb has been planted*

  • Poptart AK47 TH


    Ajax Xaja FBI OPEN UP

  • Samara

     2 days ago

    G 3 yes but they can’t not respond because what if it’s real

  • Monsieur Pepe

     2 months ago

    _police squad comes in_other streamer: *"where's the bomb?"*

  • Mitali Chaudhary

     2 months ago

    @Mohd Usman Saripuddin thanks

  • Kyle Choy

     1 months ago

    US SWAT: (Yelling and stuff)UK SWAT: Can we have a word?

  • urmila

     3 hours ago

    Noob uk.....

  • nathan

     4 hours ago

    Someone’s butthurt

  • Mako Brandon

     2 months ago

    Imagine having noise cancelling headphones

  • Nomékop 5

     3 days ago

    Mako Brandon oh my gosh that would suck

  • Brutal pig

     10 days ago

    I have those

  • Cameron

     1 months ago

    USA Police: GET ON THE GROUND!!!! Full rifle mode and like 8 men in bulletproof vestsUK Police: Excuse me sir can I look at your computer

  • urmila

     3 hours ago

    Thats why uk police lose

  • Bruce Dickinson


    Well the American population is paranoid for anything they called the swatt, now are the police and maybe in the UK they thought a little more about this ... but in France it is not like that, Germany, Finland and spain for example are afraid of everything. Sad but true

  • OperationDEEZ

     2 years ago

    It's always awkward explaining to the cops that you play video games online for a living.

  • Fortnite Nation

     9 days ago

    That's why they are called gamers.

  • XxRedGhost27xX

     25 days ago

    the_one you’re a fucking idiot, you think cops have fun by “getting to shoot people” they never want to you dumbass, they would only do that if they absolutely have to. And when they have to they can have serious mental health issues afterwards. Think before you speak

  • NBD_Renegade04 YT

     1 months ago

    2:48 "where's the bomb?" Lucky the cops didnt hear that

  • Fortnite Nation

     9 days ago

    Imagine if this happened in Sweden to PewDiePie video would get 45M Views he would sue them.

  • Squidy :D

     9 days ago

    NBD_Renegade04 YT 2:47

  • Lord Thermite

     2 months ago

    6:47 “she’s playing black ops 2” 😂😂

  • Braedyn Lolz


    Lmao I laughed a little xd.

  • Massa



  • Swaveyy

     23 days ago

    Next day: *Ninja reports S.W.A.T. and police for stream sniping*

  • Not a cool youtuber


    Funny sub to my channel omost at 30

  • Sorcerer

     9 days ago