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Vice, Georgina Wilson spoof beauty pageants

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2013
  • Comedian Vice Ganda and actress-model Georgina Wilson spoofed beauty pageant contestants during his concert "I-Vice Ganda Mo 'Ko Sa Araneta,".Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! our website at http://www.abs-cbnnews.comFacebook:
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  • Garen Aguinaldo

    Garen Aguinaldo

     5 months ago +453

    2019 anyone? I'm just here because of what happened to Chokoleit. :(

  • khey1722baby


     3 years ago +995

    I don't see anything wrong with her grammar.. Maybe just a little nervous. She speaks with her American accent.
    Filipinoes are no doubt good in writing with perfect grammar but I bet most of you will stutter when speaking in English no matter how good you are in writing and noting that "perfect grammar". 😩
    You folks are too perfectionist but can't elaborate once you were asked. #Realtalk

  • Hejahara Dirangaren

    Hejahara Dirangaren

     7 days ago +22

    Who’s still watching AUGUST 14,2019 LAUGHTRIP HEHEHE

  • aileen laurentino

    aileen laurentino

     2 years ago +356

    Georgina wilson looks like blair waldorf of Gossip Girl..

  • Chris Avila

    Chris Avila

     9 months ago +360

    Sinong mga viewers ng 2018 kaway kaway nmn jan hahaha

  • Loreign Gabrielle Mendoza

    Loreign Gabrielle Mendoza

     5 years ago +564

    halatang si georgina nag papa wrong grammar talaga to make the show funnier as I saw her previous interview.. she is wiity.. brains and beauty..

  • JKristian Lopez

    JKristian Lopez

     1 months ago +73

    Georgina wilson and Catriona Gray are like sisters haha

  • Sarah Nene

    Sarah Nene

     2 days ago +1

    Namiss ko tuloy si choco,feeling ko buhay parin sya.idol masaya kaa kasama si good,😭

  • Heather Alcaraz

    Heather Alcaraz

     3 years ago +171

    georgina wilson is actually smart... if one would check out her achievements and how she really speaks in real life would make someone think that she was just taken on the spot. considering that she had to face thousands of people unrehearsed would definitely make her stumble

  • rukawa11killua


     3 years ago +200

    Georgina's great! She's brave enough to stand in front of the crowd without warning & was able to answer the questions honestly so I really like her here :D

  • Jimineutron


     5 years ago +132

     HAHAHA ! When Georgina mentioned about South Korea, the camera turned to Ryan Bang ! So funny ! =))))) XD

  • Jacinta Magsaysay

    Jacinta Magsaysay

     14 days ago +29

    any one in 2019??? Hahaha I'm still here

  • oshi alice

    oshi alice

     3 years ago +130

    Pwe! simpleng reporting nga lang sa classroom medyo hirap na kayo, kayo kaya sa lugar ni george?! And on the spot yon, kahit sa mismong mga beauty queens nangyayari yan, kay georgina pa kaya na wala namang experience?.. Isang malaking pwe sa inyo. Kala mo kung sinong magaling. Kaurat!

  • Jimmy Panes

    Jimmy Panes

     14 hours ago

    Sino pa Ang na nunuod nito like niyo Kung Mahal niyo si Me me vice😍😍

  • Baby Bekah

    Baby Bekah

     3 years ago +258

    BWAHAHAHA. You guys are so funny. Model si Georgina sa ibang bansa. And you know what ENGLISH ANG GAMIT NILA. Masyado kayong mga perfectionist e. Baket namaster niyo naba magsalita ng english? Malapad naba vocabulary niyo? Masyado kayong ano e, maka correct ng grammar wagas. Akala mo naman kung sinong ENGLISH FREAK.

  • G.


     4 years ago +403

    Georgina this, Georgina that. Grammar this, grammar that. I say give it a rest. No matter how intelligent one is, sometimes unpreparedness and/nervousness can destroy a person's ability to clearly express their thoughts, especially if one suddenly finds oneself in front of a multitude of people. Bear that in mind, get off her case, and just have a laugh.

  • Heol! Daebak Sageon!

    Heol! Daebak Sageon!

     2 years ago +109

    May angle na kamukha ni Georgina si Cher Lloyd ans they are both british ☺

  • Bautista Ramiro

    Bautista Ramiro

     3 years ago +157

    bella thorne nkikita ko

  • Wap Wafa

    Wap Wafa

     a years ago +45

    Naiingget lang sila sa ganda ni georgina wilson dahil kahit anong retoki nila sa mukha nila they will,never be a georgina hahaha mga insecure kasi

  • Jii Montes

    Jii Montes

     3 years ago +33

    ang galing ni georgina they were/was unrehearsed pero nasamahan niya jokes ni Vice. 😂😂