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Editor's Advice: How To Style Your Living Room Like A Designer

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  • H&H‘s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper share expert living room styling tips. Discover their secrets to creating a standout space.

    Joel and Jennifer start by decorating the non-functioning fireplace. By adding three mod vases and dressing up the mantel with brass candlesticks and a teal bowl for a pop of color, they’re able to create a gorgeous focal point in the middle of the room. Next, the design editors style the coffee table with contemporary pieces to play off its red lacquered insert. Watch how they experiment with art on walls that have moulding, and see how they bring life to the room with indoor plants. Plus, get their tips on how to brighten your space with layers of lighting.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/hDsOemgNdO0


  • Sarah Burtch

    Sarah Burtch

     14 days ago

    Which paint colour is on the walls? It is the perfect white!

  • Maya B

    Maya B

     21 days ago

    Too “stagey”

  • Mark Ahearn

    Mark Ahearn

     a months ago

    For me, the monkey with the light bulb was the coolest.

  • D Ishappywithlife

    D Ishappywithlife

     5 months ago


  • Monkia Ray

    Monkia Ray

     6 months ago

    The dog was the best.lol

  • Jeffrey Segal

    Jeffrey Segal

     7 months ago

    What's with all the bowls? Remove every bowl and those sleek but too small candle sticks and its a lovely space. The purple chair is gorgeous, but I'd probably nix that also. I kinda liked the look of the before. Keep minimal minimal.

  • truthseeker


     7 months ago

    Not impressed. It doesn't flow, or color balance. Tried to hard to exhibit a "learned" talent that wasnt innate. It's all about color, placement and balance. This looks fake, tried too hard, no emotional investment.

  • Peter N

    Peter N

     9 months ago

    Sorry, doesn't do a thing for me.

  • Simon


     10 months ago

    If you are about to hire a designer, make sure he’s gay, if you expect professional result.

  • Peggy Roberts

    Peggy Roberts

     11 months ago +1

    I thought I'd scream if they said really one more time. Really, really. really....

  • Richard Kennedy

    Richard Kennedy

     11 months ago +1

    Zero charm.

  • mizzmolly


     11 months ago +1

    I don't know why designers always have to place an Hermes blanket over the arm of a sofa in the living room. It's become so cliche, in addition to being more than $3500.

  • Peggy Roberts

    Peggy Roberts

     a years ago +1

    They are forgetting the last step. Edit. About 25 percent of the objects should be removed.

  • Peggy Roberts

    Peggy Roberts

     a years ago +2

    I think they said "really" like a million times

  • Jubbeljupp


     a years ago +6

    so we have this white painted fireplace... it will highlight those also white vases perfectly..... uhmmm no?

  • Momplaygroup Fouz

    Momplaygroup Fouz

     a years ago +1

    Yeah white in front of white ... um no.

  • becomingellis


     a years ago +1

    Ahhhh...Ficus Fig Tree...I've seen this plant so many times recently and was wondering the name of it...I like the dark sofa here too...nice!

  • buzz player

    buzz player

     a years ago +1

    So stupid

  • L Michelle

    L Michelle

     a years ago +1

    Should have put many led candles 🕯 in the fireplace

  • Matafanua Tamatoa

    Matafanua Tamatoa

     a years ago +17

    I honestly hate when books are placed as decorative pieces 😑