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Kobe Bryant-30 for 30

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 14, 2017
  • A collection of clips of one of the greatest to ever play, from the beginning to the end.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/hE9edTgkeuI


  • Jizzy j

    Jizzy j


    Which of the Kobe you like the most #8 or #24 ? I rather go with #8 because that's when he drew our attention, when he just came in the league with all that entertainment.

  • Yankees 27champs

    Yankees 27champs

     14 days ago

    1:08 talk about seeing into the future, man definitely knew what he saw in Kobe before alotta people 💯

  • Mário Nhatitima

    Mário Nhatitima

     1 months ago

    This is the most emotional video about Kobe i have ever seen. what a great Basketball carreer he had. forever GOAT.

  • TnJmix


     1 months ago

    How the f*ck do we forget about Kobe?? The most disrespected athlete to ever be the greatest in his sport. MJ was and is the greatest Kobe is 1A...this is one of the best Kobe tribute videos out there. Shaq messed up big time when he fail to recognize the greatness Kobe played with while they were together...wonder how many of Shaw’s points were off of Kobe assists?

  • kasey gerlach

    kasey gerlach

     1 months ago

    Gosh, makes me tear up watching, therr will never be another Kobe, I truly miss watching him play, Kobe the greatest most hated player of all time your my #1 Kobe!!

  • Josh McCoy

    Josh McCoy

     2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that if you just watched 1:59 to 2:04 you would swear this was a porno....

  • 007 REXX

    007 REXX

     2 months ago

    I really love you Kobe wish you coulda played 4eva❤💘🐐



     2 months ago

    So like, this is just Kobe Bryant highlights? What more can you ask for! This is awesome.

  • Han Nguyen

    Han Nguyen

     2 months ago

    Oh man, I think Kobe was the sexiest player who ever play this game, and the music in the backgound just make him even more sexy. The day he retired from basketball was the day that I quited watching this game.

  • Mark Sheppard

    Mark Sheppard

     2 months ago

    Absolute travesty that this man has only ONE MVP AWARD!

  • Karim Karimov

    Karim Karimov

     2 months ago +1

    This made me supper happy and sad at the same time! Kobe will always be my GOAT!

  • Jerwin Bendo

    Jerwin Bendo

     2 months ago

    The Exitement is still here, everytime I watch KOBE !- Love Kobe 3000

  • Adam Hauger

    Adam Hauger

     2 months ago

    Not sure if I believe all the "never lost a 1-on-1" stuff but the fact that it's even considered plausible says a lot. The real GOAT.

  • skept11


     3 months ago

    how time flies. god i miss kobe

  • Vernon Sullivan

    Vernon Sullivan

     3 months ago +1

    Basketball was never my favorite sport, I never play it in organized team, I played football over 10 years. I'm not even from the US, and I'm not the kind of guy to idolized athletes. To this day Kobe Bryant is my favorite athlete. I started to watch him played as a teen so I guess it's bring back to me good memories but I really admire the mentality and desire to win of this guy, the dedication to improve his skills. He gave it all, he was passionate beyond what people can imagine, Kobe was the real deal.

  • FrogsLeap23


     3 months ago

    Damn I really shed a tear at the end of this mothafucka

  • Britt Thomas

    Britt Thomas

     3 months ago

    the goat!!!!!

  • charles watson

    charles watson

     3 months ago

    No one played with more intensity, passion, fire and determination as Kobe did. The sheer will and focus to tear your Achilles and still hit free throws shows courage beyond belief. He faced his adversaries and fears head on, learned from his mistakes and showed his love for the game until the end. In my eyes, the greatest player and ambassador of the sport.

  • Sean Patrick Kennedy

    Sean Patrick Kennedy

     3 months ago

    No rape..?

  • HimmuraTube


     3 months ago

    Good times.