The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • 'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.

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  • rudegirl2219


     4 hours ago

    Shut up butt hurt people ! I’m bi and I wasn’t offended at all. He apologized move on

  • Inquisitor Jesus

    Inquisitor Jesus

     4 hours ago

    “You’re human. Yes... and not a really nice one.” Love this sequence.

  • Internet Trust

    Internet Trust

     4 hours ago

    0:54 Legend has it he is blind

  • Simon Sozzi

    Simon Sozzi

     4 hours ago

    DJ Nemo with over 2 thousand likes says that now the LGBTQ community has become the Bullies...? REALLY!? This is not about us grown ass adults. It's about all the defenseless little children being bullied by parents like Kevin Hart. How are we the Bullies for pointing out that Kevin Hart still had tweets up joking about kicking the shit out of his effeminate son? He was simply asked to take them down and make a statement. Instead, he takes them down and then goes on a "The Gays and their Agenda" tour. Somehow, even though the Oscars invitation is still open to him, he's the victim? Show me one gay person who hasn't had to forgive family and friends for holding prejudiced feelings against the LGBTQ community. They don't exist. I don't know how Ellen can go on her show and apologize for him when all he's done is re-energize anti-gay sentiment in this country. I did not have a problem with Kevin Hart a month ago but now, how could I not? Everywhere I go on YouTube regarding this subject, the comments section is rife with anti-lgbtq rhetoric and sentiments, emboldened and empowered by Kevin Hart's crusade against "the Gay Agenda." Our only agenda is that the kids today who feel like we did when we were young, don't give in to their suicidal thoughts.

  • Water , Fire , Wind.

    Water , Fire , Wind.

     4 hours ago

    I've never met anyone in my life , whose career was Apologizing. Sorry and Bye. #KeepItSimple
    You only need to clean one side of the street.

  • 18magicMARKer


     11 hours ago

    so glad that old bastard Letterman is gone...god he was so unfunny

  • damian lillard

    damian lillard

     16 hours ago

    Stephen Colbert seemed hurt when Kevin said that he didn't wanna change anything if he had to do it all over again.

  • T S

    T S

     17 hours ago

    Jesus Crist! Leave the guy alone Mither Fucker. What a looser. Worse talk show host ever. What a moron. Kevin should have just left the second it was brought up again.

  • Homi


     18 hours ago

    Stephen I love your show, but why did you do such a idiotic thing and ask the same question he made it VERY CLEAR he was done with.

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko

     19 hours ago

    can’t wait until the left collapses on itself. Then we can all live in peace again...

  • Paul B

    Paul B

     19 hours ago

    He is a real pleader.

  • Halln'2-1


     21 hours ago

    They don't want to accept the apology because they want him to accept the lifestyle and say its ok. You can be respectful of people and still not agree with them.

  • I Am Just Donald

    I Am Just Donald


    Every makes mistakes! Nobody is without a sin. Kevin is a sweet guy after all

  • Mark Rossi

    Mark Rossi

     yesterday +1

    man he is SMART !!! LGBTQ can go into spaceRocket and GTFO of this planet, because mankind future will be so much better without them !!!

  • ladybugmerringue


     yesterday +1

    Kevin Hart sucks...those jokes werent funny at all

  • Bairen Siwang

    Bairen Siwang


    This was low-key intellectual...

  • brandon bradshaw

    brandon bradshaw


    That watch tho!!

  • Marcus Lewis

    Marcus Lewis


    Ruben is still saying sorry for 2004

  • P C

    P C


    Why do people from "the community" let letters define their character so much. All of them are just words. Maybe if we all tried being better H (Humans) as a collective we could solve all the issues. Instead of focusing on compensating for groups which historically have been hard done by we should all focus on teaching love and compassion and then none of the issues we have today/have had in the past would be an issue. If love and compassion are the prevailing traits in society it eliminates all issues regardless of any identifying factor and the whole damn world would be a better place. Don't shun the people who are incorrect treat them with love and compassion and show them a better way. Use constructive teachings instead of flaming people on the internet or in person for that matter because you then although through rage are spreading the same amount of anger and hatred.

  • ahepperl



    Yo the network powers at be can keep on censoring these comedians but mark my words, when Netflix and HBO realize people are DYING to see new Kevin Hart, Louis CK, and Dave Chappelle comedy specials, they will offer lucrative deals to said comedians because the fans will WATCH. Fuck correctness, Stand up comedy has nothing to do with being kind and polite. Was Richard Pryor meek and inclusive? Was George Carlin kind and considerate? Was Robin Williams conservative and shy? NO! BUT THEY WERE ALL FUCKING LEGENDARY STAND UP COMEDIANS! Hart has NOTHING to apologize for. He was doing his job as a stand up: saying outrageous shit. That's literally what they do. wtf America.