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The Gaming Smartphone Of Your Dreams...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019
  • Sennheiser HD 58X on Drop - Red Magic 3 is the latest android smartphone targeted at gamers. It's the first gaming smartphone I've seen with built-in active cooling. The Red Magic 3 also features a 90Hz display and touch sensitive shoulder buttons.FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATESTwitter - - -
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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     2 months ago +1383

    Sennheiser HD 58X on Drop -

  • 777 GAMER

    777 GAMER

     2 months ago +2965

    Apple : doesn't have space for headphone jack
    Nubia : headphone jack+ fan

  • Pepperoni '

    Pepperoni '

     2 months ago +826

    Just be honest guys 99% of us only care for the price

  • ScrotMailPlayz


     2 months ago +978

    Me: Finally I’ve bought the greatest gaming phone ever.
    WiFi: Did you?

  • Jason Zhao

    Jason Zhao

     2 months ago +439

    when the phone has a higher refresh rate than your computer...

  • Simon cowell

    Simon cowell

     2 months ago +321

    Now the real question is can it run cool math games 15.69 million FPS
    Now that’s some low key special shit my dudes

  • Malcolm Marshal

    Malcolm Marshal

     2 months ago +1152

    Killing Bots in PUBG is really delightful 🤣

  • Udbhavan Banerjee

    Udbhavan Banerjee

     1 months ago +230

    My brother: buys this
    Also my brother: plays candy crush with extreme settings
    Edit 48 likes? That's the most I ever got

  • GamerDrO


     28 days ago +55

    apple was kicked from the chat
    samsung join the chat
    gaming smartphone join the chat
    samsung has left the chat

  • Ahmad Hout

    Ahmad Hout

     2 months ago +217

    It scratches at a level 6.. Witnh deeper grooves at a lev...
    Oops wrong channel

  • EpicYT


     2 months ago +275

    Me: bought the gaming phone
    WiFi: I'm about to end this whole man's career.

  • Rohan Biker

    Rohan Biker

     2 months ago +1117

    I'm waiting for Jerryrigeverything to teardown the fan out of this phone

  • Ash kenazim

    Ash kenazim

     2 months ago +119

    Imagine buying this phone just to play roblox

  • Yassine Benjelloun

    Yassine Benjelloun

     2 months ago +196

    My brother: * buys this phone *
    Also my brother: * plays sudoku *

  • Mystery Person

    Mystery Person

     1 months ago +30

    watching this with dad
    Me:*looks over at him*
    Dad:there's a thing called a summer job ever heard of it?

  • FrenzyBoi


     28 days ago +44

    Title: "The Gaming Smartphone Of Your Dreams..."
    installs pubg to test quality

  • Abdul Basith

    Abdul Basith

     14 hours ago +1

    2:31 just throws that box away.
    If it was me my mama would yell at me

  • Calisota WGPR

    Calisota WGPR

     2 months ago +174

    you guys forgot 8K videocapture and 1920fps slomo 😉

  • Brunette Goat

    Brunette Goat

     2 months ago +46

    Never seen someone that happy after killing a bot.

  • *Mike Stephano*

    *Mike Stephano*

     28 days ago +16

    Finally a phone that suits my Hardcore Angry birds gameplays.