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Protests at Hong Kong International Airport

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • A sea of black at the Hong Kong International Airport on Monday (Aug 12) as demonstrators stage their biggest sit-in since the protest movement began nearly three months ago. CNA’s Roland Lim has more on how protesters plan to disrupt airport services.Full story: to our channel here: Subscribe to our news service on Telegram: Follow us:CNA: https://cna.asiaCNA Lifestyle: Facebook:
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  • Haw Dong Ho

    Haw Dong Ho

     7 days ago +59

    Phone only = Maximum Stay 5 hours
    Phone + Wifi = Maximum Stay 10 hours
    Phone + Wifi + Charging Spots + Air Con = They will never leave

  • Peter Hoang

    Peter Hoang

     7 days ago +213

    Benefits of protesting in HK Airport.
    No tear gas
    No rubber bullets
    Air conditioning
    Accessable toilet
    Free Wifi

  • tungyan so

    tungyan so

     7 days ago +54

    Most of the content is about POSSIBLE disruption that will happen. Why didn't the reporter asked even a single protestor what cause them to come and what result do they expect to yield from this protest?

  • Gang W

    Gang W

     7 days ago +2

    Hong Kong police and government are very tolerant and restrain compare to other countries.

    Such as Israeli Police, Palestinian Worshippers Clash at Jerusalem Holy Site

  • Jj W

    Jj W

     7 days ago +26

    Strangely, this looks like a New Delhi airport without a strike.

  • Nabil Boqsh

    Nabil Boqsh

     7 days ago +2

    Karma and services should be attaining for peace ☮️ and moksha comes with education self disciplined manner #hongkong #cna

  • Ka.Elanthamizhlan


     7 days ago +1

    Police always against the public...
    But they are says police is public friend....
    Support hongkong people from thamizhlnaadu

  • an wang

    an wang

     7 days ago +9

    why the police allowed them to gather in and disturbing the airport!? too bad

  • sgpork


     7 days ago +6

    Wow. The protest reach another lvl.

  • D Makaveli!

    D Makaveli!

     7 days ago

    Down with the CCP. Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰!

  • Sun Phoenix

    Sun Phoenix

     7 days ago

    Hk protest for freedom
    Sg protest for $54 phone

  • NurRayArt


     7 days ago

    Cultural Civilized China DIED when the Devil's RED BOOK was introduced. CHINA is LONG buried.
    HK☮🔫CCP - Corrupting Commanding Party/People

  • Shelly


     7 days ago +1

    Hong Kong is just a part of China. Terrorism is terrible. Hope peace.

  • Nocturnal Illusion

    Nocturnal Illusion

     7 days ago +17

    Ugh my parents were scheduled to come back today but their arrival had to be postponed because of this

  • MrMovieflash


     7 days ago

    I would be advising travelers no to go to HK!

  • johnbauer007


     7 days ago

    hopefully england and usa military will help the kong kong people



     7 days ago +2

    How can the HK government which once stood for seperation from the China communist govt. Allow mainland China to have any say in what HK does.

  • Askay Chan

    Askay Chan

     7 days ago +10

    Don't HKers need to work?

  • js hello

    js hello

     7 days ago +1

    outside so hot, so they sit inside airport better. hahaha.

  • Eden Lam

    Eden Lam

     7 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🙏