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Protests at Hong Kong International Airport

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • A sea of black at the Hong Kong International Airport on Monday (Aug 12) as demonstrators stage their biggest sit-in since the protest movement began nearly three months ago. CNA’s Roland Lim has more on how protesters plan to disrupt airport services.

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  • Sun Phoenix

    Sun Phoenix

     3 months ago

    Hk protest for freedom
    Sg protest for $54 phone

  • D Makaveli!

    D Makaveli!

     3 months ago

    Down with the CCP. Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰!

  • Rachel Holmes

    Rachel Holmes

     3 months ago

    hell yeAh go protesters!! nice!!

  • jinke Wu

    jinke Wu

     3 months ago +1

    shame of Hong Kong!Some Hong Kong people do not wanna be dignified and imposing the Chinese ,they wanna keep going be dogs of UK people!

  • Angel2019 Sunny

    Angel2019 Sunny

     3 months ago

    CNA should remove Roland lim as report , he is very biased in term of reporting HONGKONG riots , he is tarnishing CNA reputation as neutral media

  • Raiden Chen

    Raiden Chen

     3 months ago

    the true protectors will never cover their face, only terrorists like to mask themselves

  • Josh Asprey

    Josh Asprey

     3 months ago

    HKers finally realise that red china has no intention in waiting untill 2047 to finally swallow HK!..HK has been a beacon of democracy.. has been a huge thorn in china's chest and a real threat! it may infect the whole mainland china and overturn communism and the ruling party!

  • joke hello

    joke hello

     3 months ago +1

    outside so hot, so they sit inside airport better. hahaha.

  • Mi Tang

    Mi Tang

     3 months ago


  • Ka.Elanthamizhlan


     3 months ago +1

    Police always against the public...
    But they are says police is public friend....
    Support hongkong people from thamizhlnaadu

  • Kenneth Tay

    Kenneth Tay

     3 months ago

    Now we understand why Tiananmen was necessary. They should be caught and jailed without trial.

  • Izztana Dark

    Izztana Dark

     3 months ago

    Did not heard of anyone died yet.....did I miss something?...

  • Drmicky141


     3 months ago

    I hope people on the top level don't stop jumping up and down, I worry that it might collapse.

  • imamia mia

    imamia mia

     3 months ago

    I visited Hong Kong a few times before 1997. What I saw was a disgrace from the Hong Kongers towards the mainland Chinese people. They were mean and spiteful just bc they were under the British. They called themselves modernized and westernized. So they would always classified themselves as Chinese but from Hong Kong. They never wanted any association with the mainland ppl. God forbid if they were mistakenly told they were from mainland. They treated the mainland Chinese like dirt had all sorts of names for them whenever the mainland Chinese went through HK airport to fly out.

  • MrMovieflash


     3 months ago

    I would be advising travelers no to go to HK!

  • MrMovieflash


     3 months ago

    China should just shut down water, electric supplies... so they can't protest any more!

  • Joseph H.

    Joseph H.

     3 months ago

    Commie chine exports those who loves commie ideology but enjoy western benefits for free rides? Beware? Those mainlanders can be dangerous? Trump said they are spies? Not me.

  • Gang W

    Gang W

     3 months ago +2

    Hong Kong police and government are very tolerant and restrain compare to other countries.

    Such as Israeli Police, Palestinian Worshippers Clash at Jerusalem Holy Site

  • tin tin

    tin tin

     3 months ago
    Police work with gangster!!

  • tin tin

    tin tin

     3 months ago

    Why hong kong people so anger?