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Switching To PC Gaming From Console | My Experience

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • I made the switch to PC Gaming from consoles back in September of 2018 and I have never looked back. Overall PC Gaming is a fantastic experience that has exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. My experience with computers in general is almost none existent and I basically knew nothing about PC gaming going in. But honestly it was a very easy to adapt and fully embrace PC gaming. This video will address my experience getting into PC and addressing some of the concerns people have about making the switch from console to PC. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments.Support the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCebx...Discord: https://discord.gg/asUErQFTwitter: https://twitter.com/Griffin_Gaming
  • Source: https://youtu.be/htJvA3HudKk


  • Trusty Patches

     4 months ago

    Pc is bad because it uses steam meanwhile consoles have moved on to electricity.

  • Z9_Reaper

     1 months ago

    Idiot the system are good you can customize you can put new things you can upgrade whatever things you want in your PC and by the way and keyboard some games allow you to connect your controller depending what type it is if it's an Xbox One controller for PS4 controller for NES controller that I really don't know but I'm pretty sure that doesn't have Bluetooth and how are you going to say that when a console only runs with 60 frames per second but yes on PC you can run a lease like 120 140 or even walk...

  • FXIIBeaver

     1 months ago

    God there are a lot of stupid people in here. Including OP.

  • Nuclear Geek

     3 months ago

    If anyone owns an Apple product they're not allowed to complain about pricing.

  • Madman7

     11 minutes ago

    I’ve have an I phone SE and to me it’s fine

  • Abyzray

     8 hours ago

    @Dkzeria PRand they are so kind that they will throw in a monitor stand for only $1000 dollars!

  • CNB Productions

     16 days ago

    With a pc i can play minecraft with a guitar hero controller, so im automatically sold

  • Dylan Harris

     4 hours ago

    CNB Productions you can actually play Minecraft with a real guitar on pc

  • Luh 価フヅ Beats

     5 hours ago

    Just watch "Dumb ways to play CS:GO" and you Will be surprised by the variety of controllers that you can use!!

  • KaLo C.

     5 days ago

    Console: "how many fps?"Pc: *"YES"*

  • Eric Bostick

     an hour ago

    Brandon Krcivoy TVs aren’t 120hz so it’s not going to work and I’ve yet to see those spec

  • Eric Bostick

     an hour ago

    ALPHA again that’s not how it works. Go watch test being done. They don’t run 60 on a ton of games.

  • Leylek


    We welcome'st thou in our ranks brother.May thy ray tracing on a 8k resolution always be true.Gaben!

  • B Mighty

     3 months ago

    If PC is so good where is PC 2?

  • Abyzray

     6 hours ago

    My mind just got fucked by that question. I'm switching to the WII U shitheads hope you have fun with your gaming system that does not have sequel. Man am I hyped to play Pipe Cleaning Whores and Boy With A Sword Sky Edition

  • Game Boi

     9 hours ago


  • DanNGC2770

     8 days ago

    This guy drops F bombs like he's just learned the word

  • Ramon Gutierrez

     an hour ago

    @DS Chops In your world maybe :D

  • Abyzray

     7 hours ago

    Awww fuck my fuck just fucked the fucking fuck

  • Wilson Santos

     17 hours ago

    Mouse and keyboard just made me love FPS and shooters like I never did with controllers.

  • Wilson Santos

     4 hours ago

    I agree. It's not a win win situation. There are pros and cons. The most con on the keyboard is the walking. On the controller I can pressure the sticks the way I want to move. I miss that.

  • Shane Clough

     4 hours ago

    I'd agree that the mouse feels infinitely better to aim with, but I still think movement and auxiliary things (grenades melee etc) feel more janky on keyboard than controller.However, this is coming from someone with easily 15,000+ hours using controller vs maybe 50 hours on KB&M

  • luna wolves

     3 days ago

    console players: i can only get 60fps, how many do you get?pc players: *YES*

  • Abyzray

     6 hours ago

    @AppleToaster damn straight (about the 30fps comment)

  • Green_Pirate

     10 hours ago

    This person literally just copied someone else’s comment

  • life simulator

     2 months ago

    I did the switch, and i did not regret my decision

  • eman

     11 hours ago

    Odins Wolf it's going to be awsome

  • Mattriel

     21 hours ago

    @Odins Wolf You won't