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Switching To PC Gaming From Console | My Experience

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • I made the switch to PC Gaming from consoles back in September of 2018 and I have never looked back. Overall PC Gaming is a fantastic experience that has exceeded my expectations in nearly every aspect. My experience with computers in general is almost none existent and I basically knew nothing about PC gaming going in. But honestly it was a very easy to adapt and fully embrace PC gaming. This video will address my experience getting into PC and addressing some of the concerns people have about making the switch from console to PC. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments.Support the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCebx...Discord: https://discord.gg/asUErQFTwitter: https://twitter.com/Griffin_Gaming
  • Source: https://youtu.be/htJvA3HudKk


  • Trusty Patches

    Trusty Patches

     6 months ago +5738

    Pc is bad because it uses steam meanwhile consoles have moved on to electricity.

  • a bowl of ramen

    a bowl of ramen

     2 months ago +840

    With a pc i can play minecraft with a guitar hero controller, so im automatically sold

  • KaLo C.

    KaLo C.

     2 months ago +722

    Console: "how many fps?"
    Pc: "YES"

  • Adelic


     1 months ago +163

    I love PC and only own a PC. But damn, playing 4 player split screen MW2 with the boys back in the day on rust was fun. Simpler times.

  • DanNGC2770


     2 months ago +656

    This guy drops F bombs like he's just learned the word

  • B Mighty

    B Mighty

     5 months ago +2970

    If PC is so good where is PC 2?

  • ChiTown KC

    ChiTown KC

     3 months ago +235

    I tried going back to consoles and man everything just seems so slow.

  • Wilson Santos

    Wilson Santos

     2 months ago +163

    Mouse and keyboard just made me love FPS and shooters like I never did with controllers.

  • S Aurelius

    S Aurelius

     2 months ago +83

    Going from console to PC is like going from instant coffee to percolated coffee freshly made in Sumatra, or Columbia.

  • alexis minchaca

    alexis minchaca

     2 months ago +69

    2050's Quantum PC players: Oh, a filthy PC peasant breathing the same air as us... Ewwww...

  • Nuclear Geek

    Nuclear Geek

     5 months ago +1861

    If anyone owns an Apple product they're not allowed to complain about pricing.

  • meme centre

    meme centre

     2 months ago +116

    console players: i can only get 60fps, how many do you get?
    pc players: YES

  • eezZzee


     2 months ago +56

    The pc is definitely better. I love my Commodore 64. Cmon console guys keep up!

  • Leylek


     2 months ago +84

    We welcome'st thou in our ranks brother.
    May thy ray tracing on a 8k resolution always be true.

  • Mike Jenkins

    Mike Jenkins

     2 months ago +61

    Build a PC. So much cheaper. It is piss easy nowadays. Buy a playstation/Switch for exclusives. Set up for a good time.

  • Dog of Wisdom

    Dog of Wisdom

     7 months ago +1167

    You can even play Doom with a steering wheel if you want.
    Not you Griffin, you're bad enough as it is.

  • Hugh Coleman

    Hugh Coleman

     2 months ago +20

    Also, a gaming pc that has high power can be used for video editing, drawing, animation or any of those super high power tasks. So you can play games, and also be able to do other hobbies

  • uwu overload

    uwu overload

     2 months ago +40

    One thing for pc
    Most games at low look like xbox

  • boznia


     2 months ago +25

    PC gaming turned me into a gaming snob, I refuse to use consoles any more. Ultra wide monitor at 1440p with a high refresh rate and it is the best experience I have ever had.

  • Noodz406


     2 months ago +36

    Switching to PC was the best decision I ever made.