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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
  • Meet and be touched by the cutest pets in the world. Cute dogs, cute cats and other incredibly tender animals are the main theme of this video.

    Here is the list of the most adorable pets in the world.

    -African pygmy hedgehog

    -Sugar glider

    -Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

    -Guinea pig

    -Mini Lop Rabbit


    -Mini pig

    -Pomeranian dog

    -Scottish Fold Cat

    -Havanese dog

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  • Salpaca53



    The skinny guinea pig shown in 6:45 looks like a cow. XD

  • Salpaca53



    I used to have a mini lop rabbit but my dad gave it away because it’s poop attracted flys. That’s why I started shaking when they showed the mini lop rabbit. ):

  • Desmond Ling

    Desmond Ling

     2 days ago

    Lettuce is poisonous to all bunnys

  • Bella VS Olly

    Bella VS Olly

     3 days ago

    the guinea pigs were owned by little adventures

  • Meriliis Hallisk

    Meriliis Hallisk

     6 days ago

    YEE BABBYYYYYYYYY, guinea pig is finally here, someone finallyyyyyy put guinea pig in some video

  • Frankie-Jo Hutton

    Frankie-Jo Hutton

     6 days ago

    I had a guinea pig but it died

  • Frankie-Jo Hutton

    Frankie-Jo Hutton

     6 days ago

    I got a ferret and it is a good hunter

  • vereshack brown

    vereshack brown

     7 days ago

    the pomeranian dog

  • Martin Rea

    Martin Rea

     7 days ago

    Who dose like animals my family

  • Chilled Digger

    Chilled Digger

     7 days ago

    A pork in a pine

  • fortnite streamer 0934

    fortnite streamer 0934

     7 days ago

    Cutest big animals in the zoo

  • JDNK


     7 days ago +1

    flash... not an iconic blue speedy hedgehog?

  • melissa fox

    melissa fox

     7 days ago


  • Dylan Zamora

    Dylan Zamora

     7 days ago


  • Hla Myint

    Hla Myint

     7 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwwww it is the best pet

  • Evelyn Murphy

    Evelyn Murphy

     14 days ago

    Did you forget pen pen.

  • Ruche Rossouw

    Ruche Rossouw

     14 days ago

    I love animals If jou like animals give a like

  • amichtu TV

    amichtu TV

     14 days ago

    I have the first dog, he’s really friendly and cute. He’s also very playful! So you shouldn’t be afraid of any of these dogs =) I recommend those dogs a lot. Well, bye! I hope you read this little script I wrote 💫🐶❤️

  • Nichole Clouse

    Nichole Clouse

     21 days ago

    sugar gliders are the cutest

  • • Я Ансиу •

    • Я Ансиу •

     21 days ago

    I now own a zoo