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  • Published on:  Monday, April 10, 2017
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  • Aoibheann Davis

     8 months ago

    *shane : wears the same shirt in every conspiracy video**conspiracy theory : shane doesn’t own a washing machine*

  • Dwight K. Schrute


    lol watch his house tour he briefly shows his conspiracy theory video setup and theres a shirt sitting there and he says "theres my conspiracy video shirt

  • Cat Noir


    Aoibheann Davis Wow!!!

  • Rachel P

     28 days ago

    Who else is re-watching all of Shane’s conspiracy theory’s for the millionth time? 🙋‍♀️

  • Dontzuccmemahdude

     17 hours ago

    @Camille Bancod hes alright chech his insta hes working on a video

  • Vivianadiva

     17 hours ago

    Rachel P MEE while i’m eating for his new video to come out

  • a dog

     13 days ago

    *he protecc**he attacc**but most importantly...**when is he comin bacc?*

  • Kermit da Frog UwU

     19 hours ago

    Dis week my friend.

  • Crystal Hernandez


    a dog he posted that he was going to post something he was working on this week

  • Faith Aaron- Cuevas

     1 months ago

    Does anyone else remember just white stockings in Alice and wonderland??? I don't remember black and white

  • Despairling

     2 days ago

    same here

  • KingOfBasura

     6 days ago


  • YakūlNev _

     1 months ago

    Michael Jackson when he sees a funny meme :*HE HEE*

  • YakūlNev _


    @Melody Barajas Barajas Thank you for the correction I greatly appreciate it.

  • Blueberry Gamer


    Why is this so random lmao

  • Hannah Plays

     1 months ago

    I’m only watching his old videos because he’s not posting anyone else?😥

  • diego btfl

     14 hours ago

    Cant you see the fucking comments

  • Hippie Jessie

     18 hours ago


  • Galaxy Animations

     1 months ago

    Parents: You need to stop staying up so late! What are you even doing at 3 am?Me: (._.) |----- Shane Dawson / \

  • Saudy Rivera

     2 days ago


  • RYAN

     6 days ago

    @Gäçhä ßisterz it's a joke stupid

  • Zoe Andrade

     1 months ago

    The lady who “disappeared” just kept walking behind the other lady.4:40

  • animeanimatronic i



  • sasquatchlunchbox

     1 months ago

    Nobody:Shane: are famous people becoming rocks on mars before they die?!?!

  • Kylee Key

     1 months ago

    shane: public figures are lizardsalso shane: a public figure!!!!! UR A LIZARD PERSON DUDE

  • TheUnbannedMarie Nelson

     23 days ago

    Good point.