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Is your skin warm or cool toned? | Why knowing your undertone matters | Justine Leconte

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 16, 2017
  • What is the difference between a skin tone and an undertone?
    Why it is important to know your undertone in fashion?
    How to find out your skin undertone: are you warm cool or neutral?

    This video gives 3 easy tests to find if your undertone is warm, cool or neutral:
    - the wrist test (vein test)
    - the white paper test
    - the silver / gold jewelry test

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    How to find out your skin tone + which colors work for you:



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  • Justine Leconte officiel

    Justine Leconte officiel

     2 years ago +866

    Happy Easter everyone! I hope you'll find this video useful. I love to do videos on color 👗👠 See you soon!

  • Mira xoxo

    Mira xoxo

     5 hours ago

    Hi! your video is so cool! (pun intended) After a long time that I've been wearing the wrong colors of makeup, clothing and hair, I am finally enlightened with this knowledge. thank you very much for being so helpful, I am definitely subscribed to your channel now. :)

  • Rayees Mathroof

    Rayees Mathroof

     16 hours ago

    Every time shows different lol... I need someone to find mine I’m still confused 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Rayees Mathroof

    Rayees Mathroof

     16 hours ago

    Wow you shine in black...

  • Falguni Devdas

    Falguni Devdas

     22 hours ago

    Do you any foundation guide?!

  • Dadda :3

    Dadda :3

     2 days ago

    So I seem to have blue veins but golden makes me look better than silver... What the hell I don't know maybe I'm just dumb

  • TitaniumHeart


     2 days ago

    my whole but is a lot fairer compared to my face and it makes me really sad because I wish my face was fair too

  • Selestine Overholser

    Selestine Overholser

     4 days ago

    Fascinating that I prefer cool colors naturally! I’m pale skin with cool undertones. Yippee! Veins look blueish, white gold pops on my skin and pinkish near my collar bone. I’m excited because I prefer cool colors and feel relived that I don’t need to change. Thanks @justine leconte officiel

  • Marissa


     4 days ago

    My veins are mostly blue and green but I have some purple too. I'm also pale as a sheet. Black makes me look sickly but I love wearing it so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Emma


     5 days ago

    If my veins looks blue but in Color crab they are green cyan. And im a redhead and my eyes are blue? 😳 am I neutral then??

  • Marina Blackview

    Marina Blackview

     6 days ago

    Only yellow makes me look sick. Any shade of yellow. Am neutral.

  • G Adonis

    G Adonis

     7 days ago

    1. Wrist test - green + purple
    2. White paper test - reddish
    3. Silver/gold test - silver (?)

    That does mean I am cool toned?

  • The Matadore

    The Matadore

     7 days ago

    Hmmm...very subconscious choices indeed! I own zero yellow/oranges and hate wearing gold I never knew why but this completely explains it!

  • LemonEyes


     7 days ago

    Where are you from? France?

  • Србомбоница


     7 days ago

    I am a neutral but also warm ugh,confusing....but yes warm suits me better...warm colors dark hair,looks great on me

  • Lexis Láng

    Lexis Láng

     7 days ago

    Justine! Does your tips also apply for men? If not, could you do a series for men? :)

    Or at least suggest other channel that you like about men fashion. :)

  • Micael Carestiato

    Micael Carestiato

     7 days ago

    I think I have a warm undertone...

  • Thomas King Schillerlein

    Thomas King Schillerlein

     14 days ago

    I like how one can see her teeth gums under her upper lip when she smiles big. It makes her look so funny, real and likeable! LOL

  • Mikayla the Awesome

    Mikayla the Awesome

     14 days ago

    I have no idea what my undertone is... and none of my family members know how to identify undertones either even after watching videos :(

  • Nicole B.

    Nicole B.

     14 days ago +3

    this was the best test i found to see which skin tone i have..thank you