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Brutally Honest Review of Etihad’s A380 First Class Apartment

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
  • Etihad has an impressive First Class product, but something felt off.

    What Happened On This Flight:

    End your fear of flying:


    PAID: 56,250 miles + $137 (GOT-AUH-MCT)

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    Airline: Etihad Airways, EY
    Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
    Reg: A6-APG
    Flight number: EY20
    Route: London - Abu Dhabi
    Airports: London Heathrow Airport to Abu Dhabi International Airport
    Flight date: June 7, 2018
    Seat: 3K (First)

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    Etihad Boarding Music
    Animations by JanTube:

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  • Vikash Rai

    Vikash Rai

     2 days ago

    I dislike him so much and I am not even 2 minutes in the video...😂

  • Alyson onOahu

    Alyson onOahu

     4 days ago

    This boy is inhuman

  • Nur Syazwanee Hadi

    Nur Syazwanee Hadi

     4 days ago

    Such a whiner...

  • Melted Sun

    Melted Sun

     5 days ago

    And imagine forgetting ur phone

  • Ethan Truslow

    Ethan Truslow

     5 days ago

    This dude get on my nerves lmao

  • Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson

     5 days ago +1

    Youre still in a steel can, away from home, breathing canned air.

  • Shykai 449

    Shykai 449

     7 days ago

    You could play a console in that seat

  • James Ryan

    James Ryan

     7 days ago

    what a dweeb you are.

  • Jonathan Maillet

    Jonathan Maillet

     7 days ago

    he paid like 4000 $ for the plane ticket

  • Pat McGroyne

    Pat McGroyne

     7 days ago

    Nice. I just booked a first class flight from Dulles to Dubai to Malta. I've flown some great first class before, as well as private...but the shower suites and chauffeured cars are a huge plus.

  • Scout Hughes

    Scout Hughes

     7 days ago +1

    You sir, are no Sam Chui!!!

  • Ale Cc

    Ale Cc

     7 days ago

    Boyyy I usually fly on low coast planes zero leg room and my head touches the ceiling

  • SJ P

    SJ P

     7 days ago

    Try Flying Economy for 12 hours and you'll get a taste of a real flight

  • lighthouse laura

    lighthouse laura

     7 days ago

    My question is- can a friend join u in your apt?

  • Ignacio Perez

    Ignacio Perez

     7 days ago

    Nunca viajes en Flybondi, Danielito.

  • Arkz


     7 days ago

    “Are you also an example of a gentleman in need of a silver depositary”

  • Gavin Kunuk

    Gavin Kunuk

     14 days ago

    I use to enjoy his videos but some unnecessary negative thoughts are unnecessary lol I still watch tho

  • michelle w

    michelle w

     14 days ago

    11:43 “Something very bad happened to the crew”. (A Christmas commercial pops up)

  • Dirt bike adventures

    Dirt bike adventures

     14 days ago

    I couldn’t load a single photo on instagram 🤔 Maybe when your when your 40,000 thousand feet in the air the wifi will not be very good

  • fordlandau


     14 days ago

    They probably didn’t care too much about you filming them all the time.