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Simone Biles Gets a Scare!

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 17, 2017
  • The record-setting Olympic gymnast shared some exciting firsts with Ellen and got quite the fright!Watch Simone and Sasha's performance, here!
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  • Irène & Rosalie

    Irène & Rosalie

     2 years ago +2157

    Her smile so make my day 😊

  • Megan


     2 years ago +1570

    Some of these comments are so disrespectful. yes, Simone does seem naive and sheltered, but that is because she has been in the gym her entire life training. She didn't grow up with the social skills and education that many people have. No one in this comments section has even a fraction of her dedication. She has accomplished unprecedented, unbelievable things in gymnastics. She is considered one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time! How small minded do you have to be to resort to throwing petty insults at a young woman who has achieved so much. Make fun of her all you want but she'll still wake up every day for the rest of her life with those 5 Olympic medals!

  • Joelle Gousy

    Joelle Gousy

     2 years ago +822

    Simone's laugh is angelic. She is such a wonderful personm

  • Isaac Muñoz

    Isaac Muñoz

     2 years ago +1435

    she's so gorgeous and bubbly and happy

  • cadence


     2 years ago +676

    Simone Biles:
    is scared of the dark
    not scared of breaking her neck 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaylah Rae

    Kaylah Rae

     2 years ago +3277

    dude I was so interested in the video that I forgot that there was gonna be a scare and I got super scared when the guy jumped out 😂

  • Tamara Cortes

    Tamara Cortes

     2 years ago +527

    Is anybody else in love with her laugh!!!??😂

  • Kuro Neko

    Kuro Neko

     a years ago +246

    Goodness, the pettiness and jealousy is disgusting! Sitting at a keyboard writing mean shit about a young woman who has achieved so much representing her country with grace and class! There has NEVER been a negative thing written about her as far as her behavior or interaction with others. Typical mean spirited people. Get some love in your lives and that will solve the self loathing that you project onto others!



     2 years ago +1485

    It's always easy to tell when someone is going to pop out of the table because Ellen always touches her collar.

  • Mckenzie Cabala

    Mckenzie Cabala

     2 years ago +338

    When I see her smile I smile 😁😁 Her smile is so pretty

  • FKAFuchsia


     2 years ago +1929

    She wants her future boyfriend to be taller than her? Well Simone is 4'9", no offense but it won't be difficult at all.

  • Once Upon A Blink

    Once Upon A Blink

     a years ago +279

    She has the cutest laugh

  • Kaila Hooper

    Kaila Hooper

     2 years ago +117

    did anyone else get scared??? I almost fell off of my bed because of him!!!!😂

  • Mae_Does_Gymnastics


     2 years ago +309

    Simone Biles: "Maybe a roommate because I'm scared of the dark."
    Best quote for little kids that are afraid of the dark and looks up to Simone and hear hear people say she is fearless but in reality we all are afraid of something no matter what your fear is remember you don't have to be brave and say you don't have a fear everyone does and that's fine just don't make fun of someone for their fear no matter how small it is because it's just going to make them feel bad about themselves instead help them overcome their fears slowly don't rush it

  • Green apple Slimes

    Green apple Slimes

     a years ago +671

    She's 20 she looks 13 it's true

  • Anwen Khan

    Anwen Khan

     a years ago +154

    I love how she's childish lol

  • Christina La

    Christina La

     2 years ago +108

    Her giggle is so adorable!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • James Burgess

    James Burgess

     2 years ago +635

    Bruh, see looks 13

  • Olivia Drake

    Olivia Drake

     2 years ago +85

    i think simone biles is a great gymnast

  • Erika Ochoa

    Erika Ochoa

     2 years ago +116

    I wanna be her best friend