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Building a Van De Graaff HIGH VOLTAGE Generator

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
  • Who doesn’t love big hair raising ARCS?! Van De Graaff generator with its balls of thunder is the king of static! You can easily make your own.It would be pretty awesome if you support ElectroBOOM at Patreon: tee-shirts: for the great giveaways. Subscribe to Keysight Labs channel: winner of the scope giveaway is announced, see comments.Enter your school for tools: other articles: me on Facebook: to for proving my essential lab toolsMy sponsors and patrons, are my Super Patrons with support to the extreme!Aki K. at Breda LeeNicholas Moller at https://www.usbmemorydirect.comDIY Trying Van De Graaff Genereator: Mehdi Sadaghdar--------------------------------------------------------------------------#VanDeGraaff #Triboelectric #ElectroBOOM #HighVoltage
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  • ElectroBOOM


     a years ago +581

    Hey All! Congrats to the winner of the scope giveaway Mr. Lukas F. And thank you everyone for sticking around!

  • Smmmile:)


     a years ago +1081

    Wife: Honey we've been burgled, they've stolen all the kitchen bowls and some of my leggings!
    EBoom: Never mind that, look at this Spark Machine!

  • BrightHart


     3 months ago +479

    Seeing this guys using a hacksaw and a side grinder, made my anixey amp up.

  • Ratcoon


     a years ago +440

    This is actually the most normal video on his channel.

  • Chaenax


     5 months ago +258

    His work with power tools scares me

  • Joshatron


     4 months ago +60

    I get anxiety when I see him handle tools, like saws or drills

  • Alex Kim

    Alex Kim

     a years ago +1212

    2:32 finger finger FINGER DUDE OMFG!

  • RoarOfDamnation


     a years ago +174

    13:38 best giveaway ever!

  • Μιχάλης


     11 months ago +222

    I just watched a full 5 minute add to support the channel

  • Alpie Internet

    Alpie Internet

     2 months ago +23

    crazyrussianhacker: safety is number 1 priorty

  • Kevin Yeoh

    Kevin Yeoh

     a years ago +1577

    8:39 "My panty hose got caught in the crack and was torn apart." 😂

  • LOL_10111011#Roblox #

    LOL_10111011#Roblox #

     5 months ago +114

    1:23 "Buthole"
    13:38 Sounds like a commercial
    2:32 I think his finger will get chopped

  • GodzillappleMusic


     6 months ago +158

    this channel is just iranian vsauce

  • Pizza Cuber

    Pizza Cuber

     5 months ago +67

    Pantyhose Protector Never in my life I thought I would get to hear this phrasing.

  • BlueApp1e


     5 months ago +58

    “these two ikea bowl in the van de graff section”
    lmao that made my day

  • Church93601


     3 months ago +28

    "What time is it?, yeah took me about a week." Oh

  • Knoxiegb


     7 months ago +18

    I love how a person thinks a "super high voltage generator" is something
    composed of like 50 chips, a bunch of wires and a super high tech
    complicated device, and Mendhi just does one with a sock and an electric
    motor. Not criticizing, the simpler the better! But you gotta admit
    that's kinda funny

  • Plasma Channel

    Plasma Channel

     9 months ago +42

    Electroboom, Great build. your brushes rubbing on the belt causes the belt to become more and more conductive in time. The brushes are actually optimal when a 1/4 inch away from the belt. The brushes pick up charge via electrons flying off the belt, not by physical contact.The rubbing brushes will lower performance drastically, and, shorten the lifespan of the belt. Hope this helps! Another thing that can help increase spark length, is add an internal heater at the base of the tower. Seems like a bunch of work, but just an extra hour or so to put it in. Thanks for the video (and I usually spend a full week on my episodes as well, but just dress the same every time to give appearance of a one day film)

  • Ayden D

    Ayden D

     3 months ago +41

    I gotta say it...
    That shirt looks like the pornhub logo

  • Frank ILYY

    Frank ILYY

     a years ago +510

    In some countries "Gymnasium" refers to a kind of high school.