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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 27, 2015
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/j2RvyJPnIGA


  • Eric VLOGS

    Eric VLOGS

     5 months ago +1048

    Which is better
    X box comment
    PlayStation like

  • YouTube spotlights

    YouTube spotlights

     9 months ago +192

    1:42 that minute you realise that your playing with you controller off

  • Dr_ Sickly068

    Dr_ Sickly068

     3 months ago +34

    1:17 how are you getting these kills from only pressing O and left D-Pad?

  • Suryani Omar

    Suryani Omar

     2 days ago +3

    The girls: what have you done
    Me: jianhau already has a girlfriend wtf

  • Silver Haired Boy

    Silver Haired Boy

     a years ago +700

    1:20 she got kill spree without even pressing R2 once

  • Seal YT

    Seal YT

     5 months ago +79

    1:17 i wish i could get a killing spree by pressing to litteral useless buttons

  • Assassination 21

    Assassination 21

     7 months ago +55

    3:06 Rip gong gong aka jay

  • shxmmy


     9 months ago +95

    pro gamer girl
    "Oh yeah, killing spree!" *just pressing 2 buttons simultaneously

  • Sufyan Ali

    Sufyan Ali

     a years ago +74

    1:55 girl hell nah ps for life

  • Golden GamerFromYT

    Golden GamerFromYT

     10 months ago +49

    1:30 Pew Boom Boom Boom How to one ah?

  • Tameem


     5 months ago +26

    3:25 The way he says “so fat”😂😂

  • Kadhim Ahmad

    Kadhim Ahmad

     10 months ago +118

    At 1:43 the controller is not opened

  • Neo


     2 months ago +15

    Thor - NoobMaster69
    JianHaoTan - Grandmaster101

  • J.L.S


     3 years ago +408

    Missing a few m8
    The rage quiter
    The 12 year old
    The Russian
    The mic spammer
    The silent one
    The Pinoy
    The salty ones
    The trolls
    The cod hippies
    The console "peasants"
    The PC " peasants"
    And finally:
    The keyboard/mouse smasher ( basically me)

  • Fluffyunicorn1230’s sister

    Fluffyunicorn1230’s sister

     2 months ago +27

    3:25 I laughed so hard when he said “so fat” Lol

  • Sadikchya Gurung

    Sadikchya Gurung

     2 months ago +37

    Anyone ........
    Just me ok then 😑😑😑

  • lCrygtonix l

    lCrygtonix l

     8 months ago +27

    I’m the Addicted Gamer, when someone says to me “CHILDDD GET OFFFF THAT GAME!!” I’m like “HAILLL NAH CHILD!”

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

     2 months ago +11

    2019: NoobMaster69

  • Ace Acromatics

    Ace Acromatics

     8 months ago +83

    Controller not even on lol…

  • WalkerLord 31

    WalkerLord 31


    Uhhhhh That Red Controller Is not Even On 1:39