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German Shepherd Gives Birth On Floor At Veterinarian's Office

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
  • German Shepherd Gives Birth On Floor At Veterinarian's Office. Im sorry we never wanted this to happen to our German Shepherd guard dog. German Shepherd went into labor and we ended up having to take her into the vet for them to get the baby puppies.
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  • Keeping It Dutch

    Keeping It Dutch

     2 months ago +83

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  • Jelly Bean copas

    Jelly Bean copas

     7 minutes ago

    I understand you did your part as great pet owners, but the vets office was horrible. You can clearly see they was only out for money. When that pup hit the floor, they should had been their to help with not only the pup, the blood, but the momma too. Because you can clearly see momma is stressed out. The pups was spaced out cause momma is so stressed out. When giving birth to pups mommas like it quiet and a relaxed setting. She had a louder not so relaxing setting around her in the beginning. They like to have water available to them as well. and some like it dark. Some need help when they are pushing. The vets office should had said this to you however they just seen dollar signs. And the fact they sent momma home right after a csection when they should of kept her at least over night or a hour or two after to make sure she dont have a reaction, can hold down fluids. This is just crazy. Ive had to deliever pups before and we had a set of twins coming out of a mini pom but sideways. All vets closed. 230am I had to reach into the momma myself and flip them babies around and help guide them out. I also had to do cpr on the first one because it wasnt breathing at all what so ever. I am just shocked at this vets office.

  • Ladies Lady

    Ladies Lady


    That vets office is disgusting!!! Please do not go to that vet ever ever again! They are horrible!!!! I’m leaving them a review on google

  • Mrz_LiViNG_D8ADGuRL


     2 days ago

    Vet hospital having an off day wth is going on ??

  • Crazy Hai

    Crazy Hai

     3 days ago

    Like u say, the exercise probably brought on the remaining births. Certainly it's meant to speed up human labour too.

    I've never given birth, but (without too much graphic detail!) exercise (especially just walking for some reason, compared to higher impact exercise?!) does speed up my periods. I guess walking must be working well with uterine walls, to help push out anything that is meant to be coming out soon.

    So whilst I'm no vet, it might be an idea to try walking an animal struggling in labour a bit, to see if helps at all. But only if it's safe for the animal to do so - I'm NOT a vet. Call a vet for advice as necessary.

  • Delightra Cardeanne

    Delightra Cardeanne

     3 days ago

    Wait, why would they have a c-section if she's already given birth to the pup?...

  • Morohie Shiller

    Morohie Shiller

     3 days ago

    If that happens usually walking her around for about 15 minutes works

  • Morohie Shiller

    Morohie Shiller

     3 days ago

    Sad u have to explain that the dog made her own bedding the way SHE wanted it.

  • Maur Laughter

    Maur Laughter

     4 days ago

    Thank God 🙏👍

  • Deb Conness

    Deb Conness

     4 days ago

    Aww thank you for sharing

  • Phoebe Abayhon

    Phoebe Abayhon

     4 days ago

    What did you pay for exactly? You went to the vet for your dog who was giving birth but you guys were the ones cleaning & tending to the puppies? You did half the vet’s job you should at least get half of her pay!

  • kathy wilhelm

    kathy wilhelm

     5 days ago

    Im thinkin the vets office SHOULD doc some money off thier fee for all u guys hav done for the babies since u took them in. & shame on someone for not jumping in when she had the 1 pup on the floor. The 1 pup had gunk coming out the nose...they didnt even look over the 2 pups already born, esp the 1 that dropped on the hard floor just to c if it was ok. Im happy everything with gabby & babies r healthy & safe..but stunned byt the vets office.

  • IS_4RM_831 vlogs

    IS_4RM_831 vlogs

     5 days ago +1

    In pretty sure her panting like that in the beginning means stress

  • ThunderKat 57

    ThunderKat 57

     7 days ago

    What the heck is wrong that vet place not cool at all how they treating all of u, is unacceptsble

  • ThunderKat 57

    ThunderKat 57

     7 days ago

    Those damn vets always believe n a c-section more money 4 them

  • Brendan Mathis

    Brendan Mathis

     7 days ago


  • Jodie Ilene

    Jodie Ilene

     7 days ago

    What a terrible vet!

  • Marguerite Brace

    Marguerite Brace

     7 days ago

    I see that I am not the only one who thinks your vet's level of care sucks! My vet and her staff would have been all over Gabby and her puppies. Glad they survived such pathetic care. I would be looking for a new vet.

  • Starlit Dolly

    Starlit Dolly

     7 days ago

    All pregnant women and animals need to take a walk sometimes to have that baby♥️

  • Daniela Baci

    Daniela Baci

     7 days ago

    Where's papa doggy?