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High School Morning Routine! *Rich vs Normal*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 7, 2019
  • Different types of girls have different school morning routines. Especially when you compare a rich girl vs normal girl. Mornings are crazy when you have to shower, get dressed, do your makeup and eat breakfast. You can see and compare how these two girls get ready in the morning before going to school.

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  • Maliha Sikander

    Maliha Sikander

     10 minutes ago

    I get waffles for breakfest

  • Mel _thatsme123

    Mel _thatsme123

     17 minutes ago

    I want to see strawberries and Raja’s routine

  • Jessica Perrin

    Jessica Perrin

     2 hours ago

    Make a mum for settlement

  • Shaza Shaza

    Shaza Shaza

     4 hours ago

    Wait cinnamon showers with a sleeping mask?😂

  • Christian Echewodo

    Christian Echewodo

     8 hours ago

    Who's sandmans Father😕

  • Tiger Vlogs

    Tiger Vlogs

     9 hours ago

    Does cinnamon have a shower with her eye mask on😂😂

  • Booboo Kickzz

    Booboo Kickzz

     20 hours ago

    I love all of you

  • joselyn carmona

    joselyn carmona

     22 hours ago

    Cimmonen has a really good house but whos is the really fancy house thoe

  • Shannon Stull

    Shannon Stull



  • Capri Gabrielson

    Capri Gabrielson


    Instead of Rich vs normal it should be rich vs spoiled👸💅👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

  • Karen TheMiniKitKat

    Karen TheMiniKitKat


    Hey dan and riya I have a question can you make a story about their parents like the maids story about why she leave her viallage and cinnamons mother and etc

  • Dominic Rene

    Dominic Rene

     yesterday +1


  • ??????



    tooties is like totally me in the morning lol

  • scarlett soriano

    scarlett soriano


    I want to see starberry morning routine

  • Justyna Davy

    Justyna Davy

     yesterday +1

    When Dan gets a 🧔 beard then Tootsie gets it and that proves Tootsie is Daniel

  • Carla Mirabal

    Carla Mirabal

     yesterday +1

    Ahora mismo voy a oh no puedo

  • Jason the legit boss

    Jason the legit boss

     yesterday +1

    I like Tootsie better

  • Peyton McKinnon

    Peyton McKinnon

     2 days ago

    When she left

  • Peyton McKinnon

    Peyton McKinnon

     2 days ago

    If tootsies mom loves her why she roll her eyes?!?

  • Heidi 142

    Heidi 142

     2 days ago

    If Semnimen eats a lot of food then why is she not fat