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Kawhi Leonard BEST Highlights & Moments from 2019 NBA Playoffs! BEST IN THE WORLD?

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 27, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/j_wSgJK69PA


  • Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De Villiers

     2 months ago +1424

    Jordan mode on. I swear if this dude beats the Warriors Imma build a statue for him. Won't be good

  • CamelJockey91


     2 months ago +644

    Calm, calculated, patient, serious, & competitive without overdoing it. Basic skills practiced until perfected. Reminds me of the 80’s n 90’s NBA. He’s a throwback to the Golden Age of basketball.

  • lexter aliangan

    lexter aliangan

     2 months ago +416

    Who's here after the 2019 Raptors' Championship?

  • Loc T

    Loc T

     2 months ago +688

    I know this isn't mentioned alot. People talk about his Jordan-esque and defense. But any1 sees how strong Kawhi is? Dude is lowkey fkin powerful. Some of the rebounds he got is all strength. Jimmy Butler said Kawhi is the strongest guy he has ever guarded

  • Paul Page

    Paul Page

     2 months ago +257

    Kawhi does everything well. He scores, he defends, he rebounds, he passes, he blocks shots, he’s got great court vision, great high basketball IQ, etc

  • Devin mccampbell

    Devin mccampbell

     2 months ago +429

    Leonard the robot is charging as we speak 😂😂😂

  • Albin Lapuz

    Albin Lapuz

     2 months ago +382

    Kawhi's conquering attitude dominates playoffs season. That same attitude gives them a chance againts the warriors.

  • Alex Arias

    Alex Arias

     2 months ago +176

    kawhi is incredible. when I see him play, he reminds me a lot of jordan and kobe. always ready to everything to win

  • Ona Ebodaghe

    Ona Ebodaghe

     2 months ago +165


  • Patriotway_


     2 months ago +246

    This is such a blessing...being a Toronto fan, and having a player on our team play like this.....PLEASE STAY

  • Mowglie


     2 months ago +120

    There shouldn't be a question mark now.
    LeBron is passed his prime. KD will be gone all next season and will likely never be the same. He beat Steph. He beat Giannis. He beat Embiid. Harden's ship looks like it's sailing.
    Meanwhile, Kawhi is in the heart of his prime. Still 27 years old. 2 time champ. 2 time FMVP with two different teams in two different conferences. 2 time DPOY.
    If he hasn't earned it, then tell me how else it's possible to earn it.

  • Haji Gamer2101

    Haji Gamer2101

     2 months ago +182

    Eastern Conference : Yes, Lebron is gone, now we can get to the finals.
    Kawhi : Ha.... Ha..... Ha......

  • E E

    E E

     2 months ago +63

    2014 kawhi stopped the heat from 3 peating 5 years later in 2019 Kawhi can stop the warriors from 3 peating aswell

  • The Josh O Show

    The Josh O Show

     2 months ago +289

    This is how many people brush their teeth

  • Ivan Alvarez Rivera

    Ivan Alvarez Rivera

     2 months ago +164

    Kawhi, the warrior who will defeat the Warriors

  • MistahT SexyFly

    MistahT SexyFly

     2 months ago +105

    Anyone else hear kawhi call for the rebound and yell “EHHH AND 1!!!!!” At 6:33

  • El Ka

    El Ka

     2 months ago +38

    Kawhi is possessed by MJ right now

  • Ahhh Sarado?

    Ahhh Sarado?

     2 months ago +37

    His moves are pretty simple but what makes it unstoppable is that he mastered it very well. He uses it at the best time possible.

  • Frevees_sir Verdee

    Frevees_sir Verdee

     2 months ago +162

    Best player in the world.



     2 months ago +41

    Funny how certain events in your life come full circle.
    During the 2017 Playoffs, Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs were going head to head against the Golden State Warriors in the WCF and had a 20+ point lead in Game 1 until Zaza took away Kawhi's landing space on a jump shot and injured him for the rest of the Playoffs.
    While that may not have been the only injury that sidelined him, we didn't see Kawhi back in the Playoffs until 2019.
    He started right back from the bottom, in the hopes of making it back to the top, to go to war against the team that ended his Playoff run 2 years ago.
    Last night Kawhi did it. He conquered the East and returned to the NBA Finals. He now has another shot, this time with the Toronto Raptors, to get his redemption on the play that cost the Spurs a chance at competing.
    While Zaza isn't there, he doesn't need to be. This is about Kawhi and his journey from injury to champion.
    This series is going to be fun. 🔥