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Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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    What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!

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  • It's Tyles Or Something

    It's Tyles Or Something

     10 hours ago

    Sorry, I cant help but point this out. But your theory falls apart instantly when you consider that a big corporation has little use for all that money if theres no planet on which to spend it. Plus all the humans on the Axiom are obese and unable to enjoy any pleasures of life apart from the (probably) human based food they dont know they're eating. Where are these corporate fat cats? Unless you're saying they were so short sighted that they didnt see it coming they too would become fat passengers on the Axiom. Which seems too farfetched. But let's assume they did get sucked into it somehow. That begs the question, who or what exactly is running BnL currently? It's probably the ship's AI. No matter the case, there are some huge plot holes regarding BnL's history.

  • one butch boi

    one butch boi

     13 hours ago

    but stil its a good movie

  • Luke Bryant

    Luke Bryant

     16 hours ago

    I actually forgot this video was about Wallie 😄 thought it was just a video about trash numbers aha

  • Vampira Morris and Vampiress Morris

    Vampira Morris and Vampiress Morris


    Wouldn't people run out of money on the akeum

  • Dark Avenger

    Dark Avenger

     2 days ago

    I think most of it makes sense...but by doing so bnl only gets a huge one time income (as the boarding ticket income) and we see no one working for money, so there is no expenditure, no way to spend the big bucks they obtained, so money becomes just there is no merit in the long run.this fails your theory!!
    No hard feelings..

  • Cosmo567890 647

    Cosmo567890 647

     3 days ago

    Nice pun

  • Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon

     3 days ago +1

    Just BURN Trash

  • Joshua Austill

    Joshua Austill

     4 days ago

    We got wall-e, door-e, roof-e, and wood-e. A perfect household

  • tina walsh

    tina walsh

     5 days ago

    Actually a banana peel is biodegradable not trash get your facts straight 😂😂💪👍👅.

  • Daood4544


     6 days ago

    I'd there a back to the future theory?

  • Kawaii 4ever

    Kawaii 4ever

     7 days ago

    Well. I know trash is a problem and is taking up space in the world and in the ocean but why don't they burn trash? The trash would turn to ash and the rain would melt down the ash. Then we can recycle metal and make metal into useful thing instead of just burying trash. To me I think the real problem is trees being cut down. Because trees is oxygen and oxygen is what we live off of and if we don't have oxygen WE DON'T LIVE!!! Also trees very important because that also recycles the air that we breathe out and goes through the tree and turns back into oxygen. But thankfully Mr beast is planting 20 million trees.

  • Mikey Sheep

    Mikey Sheep

     7 days ago


  • Creative 8D

    Creative 8D

     7 days ago

    IM soo sad 😢
    Kuwait 🇰🇼 is the top country to creative wast
    And I live in Kuwait 🇰🇼
    I should sue my school for being to dirty
    I also think my school the streets are dirty 😢

  • Privacy Lover

    Privacy Lover

     7 days ago

    It's an interesting theory, but I don't think it's correct. How did BnL continue to make money after they got humans off the planet? The people on their ship aren't buying their products from a separate source of income. In addition, if I remember correctly the humans don't even work, even the captain does almost nothing, the bots take care of everything, which means BnL gives them everything for free. No wonder the children are indoctrinated to believe BnL is their best friend. It's kind of true. If they do work, they work for BnL so they're paid by BnL then they give the money back to B&L. There's no profit margin. 

    The company is even wasting money by giving people more than the necessities, which is not just a problem with MatPat's theory but a plot hole in the movie itself. All they need to provide to keep humans under control is edible food, clothing, medical care, utilities such as toilets, and basic entertainment. That will be enough to prevent riots, yet they seem to regularly offer new food, clothing, and entertainment options. They even have an unnecessary swimming pool that people aren't even allowed to swim in, so it serves no purpose except to look pretty and continually drain money through maintenance costs. BnL is also spending money on research into better bots and missions back to Earth. Where are they getting that money?

  • Natko Šparavec

    Natko Šparavec

     7 days ago

    Thecher : you are not smart and you will work as trashman and be poor
    Film theory : im gonna stop You right there

  • Privacy Lover

    Privacy Lover

     7 days ago

    Those air pillows that come in packaging are recyclable! Like MatPat showed in the image even though he said "in the trash". Don't throw them in the trash...

  • Jason Linta

    Jason Linta

     7 days ago +1

    None of my friends believe me

  • BUX BE

    BUX BE

     7 days ago

    Seriously, dude? Is this an excuse to not be sustainable? Be real.
    You're an idiot. Don't speculate.
    You know shit about economics.
    You actually contradicted yourself.
    Think about it.

    This is propaganda.

  • BUX BE

    BUX BE

     7 days ago

    It didn't change anything. It's a bromide for escape.

  • ShadeFinder


     7 days ago

    I know the is like a year late, but how would the people make money to pay for the cruise and, products?