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Match that redefined Indian cricket IND vs AUS, Kolkata 2001

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 19, 2013
  • One of the greatest test match ever witnessed in the history.India wins the test match even after they were forced to follow-on by mighty Australia.
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  • Shrikant Mulkar

    Shrikant Mulkar

     17 hours ago

    Best test cricket ever played by Indians

  • Al Mahmud Alif

    Al Mahmud Alif


    Ghilgrist was super flop

  • MD Mikail Ahmed

    MD Mikail Ahmed


    Who misses this commentatary

  • nilesh srivastava

    nilesh srivastava

     2 days ago

    Jai ho🇳🇪🇳🇪

  • jeswin mathew

    jeswin mathew

     2 days ago

    Wicket keeper was left for Australia to bowl in the second innings.

  • Mikkimra Shira

    Mikkimra Shira

     4 days ago

    Indian umpires 😂

  • Wathy Imsong

    Wathy Imsong

     4 days ago

    Umpire Bhansal should not have stood in the match, period.

  • Varun -

    Varun -

     4 days ago

    Our childhood days were awesome coz of legends who played the game, those days will never come back, nostalgic

  • Seeman Chakraborty

    Seeman Chakraborty

     5 days ago

    Man what a match it was.. So lucky tht I saw the match live on TV.. Those days crowds in stadium was unparalleled.

  • nag simple boy

    nag simple boy

     6 days ago

    Take a bow to laxman's magic and desperation for win

  • Versatile Debb

    Versatile Debb

     6 days ago

    what a legend players they were.....that was the beginning of GOLDEN ERA

  • Gupta Amit

    Gupta Amit

     6 days ago +1

    Raise your hand if you r watching this in November 2019

    Greatest match in Indian history.

  • Sad Abbasi

    Sad Abbasi

     6 days ago


  • Amar Reddy

    Amar Reddy

     7 days ago

    Sun 🌞 & the Moon 🌓 Of the Indian Cricket Team What A Come Back By VVS & Dravid 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • syed sihab

    syed sihab

     7 days ago

    i was 11 years old , didnt know about much about cricket that time , however i loved it , thanks for upload this match .

  • KD Singh

    KD Singh

     7 days ago +1

    It is still so fresh in memory after 18 years - one of the best test match ever to be played on Indian soil

  • Sagar Mudaliar

    Sagar Mudaliar

     7 days ago

    36:35 Warne didn't pick up Sachin's Googly 😮😮



     7 days ago

    This match was creat a new era of indian cricket.

  • jvn P

    jvn P

     7 days ago

    Australia always was an ordinary team, suddenly become heros thanks to an unexpected, lucky world cup victory over South Africa. The opposition teams allowed this arrogant bunch of convicts to flourish. Australia is probably the most shameless team that played the game, like convicts indeed. Now we know why British sent these people to that island called Australia.

  • Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar

    Muthukumaran Vijayakumaar

     7 days ago

    Still watching after 19 years