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Bachelor in Paradise: WATCH the Explosive Fight Break Out Over Nicole

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • On Tuesday's episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' tensions ran high as Clay, Christian and Jordan battled it out over Nicole. 'Bachelor in Paradise' airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.Exclusives from #ETonline :
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  • TRUTHbomb 2.0

    TRUTHbomb 2.0

     6 days ago +84

    Jordan IS THE SHOW, him body slamming pinata boy was epic! Pinata boy had a beef with Jordan since their days on the Bachelorette, Pinata boy takes cocky to crazy in 10 seconds flat. Jordan did Nicole a big favor by showing how much of a hot head Pinata boy is and he did Clay a favor by sacrificing his time on the show doing it. Jordan deserves his own show, I didn't think he had it in him to fight like that and I love the guy even more now!

  • Just Another Person

    Just Another Person

     6 days ago +63

    Nicole liked that they were arguing over her Smh..

  • Renee R

    Renee R

     6 days ago +59

    Wow, these women really need to stand up for themselves and not allow themselves to be treated like someone's property....

  • Claire CA

    Claire CA

     6 days ago +64

    Both of those girls love guys fighting over them. So immature. The girls should have spoken up. Poor clay he’s such a good guy.

  • Kaitlyn L

    Kaitlyn L

     5 days ago +13

    I don't find Christian attractive at all... Am I the only one?

  • Jennie8675309


     6 days ago +27

    Someone please make a gif loop of Jordan body slamming Christian, I could watch it for hours!

  • WeRJust


     6 days ago +17

    Jordan is the man!

  • Josephine Coale

    Josephine Coale

     6 days ago +16

    Mayor lol Jordon makes the show love him

  • Janae Moodie

    Janae Moodie

     6 days ago +36

    Why did you guys post a picture of Clay? Minorities are already stigmatized for being angry and aggressive and the physical fight was between Jordan and Christian. Also the picture you chose of Clay was to further that stereotype with him flexing and straight faced while Christian is reserved in the pool.
    Don’t fall into stigmatizing people just for click bait. The true storyline is juicy enough.

  • TRUTHbomb 2.0

    TRUTHbomb 2.0

     6 days ago +17

    You have to know there has been bad blood between Pinata boy and Jordan since Beccas season. Pinata boy made the effort to try to bash/embarrass Jordan at the Men Tell All episode to get some air time since he was booted on night one of Beccas season and was disappointed no one even knew his name. These people sign up to go on these shows to get exposure/publicity, attract a following etc. Pinata boy tried to bash Jordan since he was the talk of that season, Jordan got a great return shot in about Pinata boys horrible fashion/high water skin tight pants that looked like my very girly girly capris pants, and I think they have been harboring hate for each other ever since. Get two cocky, confident, peacocks on a beach with free drinks and do you really expect that a fight would NOT break out? BIP totally knew this would happen and they love it because it makes great tv gets buzz going about a show that has become so lame and laughable.

  • peacelife


     6 days ago +18

    Christian is a jerk but Jordan instigated it. Clay is def a gentleman. Twice that he didnt want to fight.

  • Aisha Perez

    Aisha Perez

     5 days ago +8

    Nicole is immature. She wanted Clay to be more aggressive and she's just so high school...I get a wanting a guy to chase you and fight for you but to force him to go against his calm nature and be more aggressive is so high school. I'm surpised Nicole has two guys wanting her that bad. She's pretty and seems nice, but immature and comes off dumb to me.

  • miiworld2


     5 days ago +5

    Let's be real. Jordan is still salty over Christian wearing those shoes without socks on their Men Tell All event.
    Like bro... not cool, Christian. 😂

  • Mack Bradley

    Mack Bradley

     6 days ago +9

    Ew literally treating her like property 🤮🤮

  • Alexis Bentley

    Alexis Bentley

     5 days ago +9

    Only sensible person there is Clay.

  • Michelle A

    Michelle A

     5 days ago +7

    I was screaming this whole season at Nicole and Hannah: “TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT”

  • Lola Ost

    Lola Ost

     6 days ago +24

    Jordan was wrong. Clay is a gentleman. Christian is cocky.

  • greimalkin


     2 days ago +1

    Doh. Can Jordan come back on BIP as some other role kind of like Wells is the bartender?

  • Suzy Phalin

    Suzy Phalin

     3 days ago +1

    You guys have some of the most off-the-wall so-called romantic shows that are really effed up grow up

  • Kaitlyn L

    Kaitlyn L

     5 days ago +3

    So I'm guessing Christian n Jordan get sent home ... I'll def miss Jordan!! 😭