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I Sold Microwave Meals On Deliveroo

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 7, 2019
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  • Cian Mcevoy

    Cian Mcevoy

     2 hours ago

    sorta stole vice's idea??

  • Meemi Retro

    Meemi Retro

     4 hours ago

    How quick is it to set up a food business??? People this side of the world takes monthssss

  • Pataganja


     4 hours ago +1

    This is so stupid. You don’t realize how you’re fucking with drivers money wasting their time by being dumbfucks.

  • Andrey Dombrovsky

    Andrey Dombrovsky

     7 hours ago

    Can i order food? from Italian Stalin Food to Peterborough on about 1000 pound plzz !

  • jorge Rodrguez

    jorge Rodrguez

     15 hours ago

    Ur froend is really hype!!

  • Sa Gi

    Sa Gi

     22 hours ago

    Amber and her "friends"

  • Slodin


     22 hours ago

    this kitchen is probably a lot cleaner than most restaurants.

  • Nynexx



    no hair nets.. I smell a lawsuit coming.

  • BanguinTV



    That's the business idea for ppl living in towns without a Pizza Delivery.
    Optimally make it a triple Team of one Guy who does the food, one Guy Subbing for deliveroo and one Guy selling weed to make people hungry

  • Tobe Puckey

    Tobe Puckey


    I haven't LOL'd so much to a YouTube video for ages! You sir have a new subscriber... The bucket routine. Classic.

  • amphe



    it's only 1minute 11s but i can't stop laughing.

  • DailyDonno



    I expected them to have the food ready to go in the microwave right after the order, no they got downstairs and bought it first XD.
    Some of the camerawork made me want to puke because of shakiness, however great video!

  • Emily Lowman

    Emily Lowman


    Congratulations!!! You hit a million!!!!

  • Arron W

    Arron W


    wtf? if this shite can sell then i can make some shit hot chicken wraps. maybe ile start a deliveroo ''home made'' service. before i go to my other job.

  • Arron W

    Arron W


    spoilt bratts with too much time on their hands. however nice one for exposing loose rules of deliveroo.

  • Arron W

    Arron W


    forget the microwave, can i fuck your friend amber !!?

  • Arron W

    Arron W


    how stupid many people are. 'ohhh its got a website so its legit''. as a graphic designer i know how gullable naive and stupid some consumers are.

  • Stop The Hate!

    Stop The Hate!


    This is hilarious

  • egolifeheaven



    Thanks for the video, this has inspired me to think about my own venture with food deliveries, that organised one effortelessly, albeit fake and with your heritage privilege.


  • Abbey9384



    Archie is hilariously