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Top 10 SMARTEST Fortnite 200 IQ Plays OF ALL TIME!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 15, 2019
  • Top 10 SMARTEST Fortnite 200 IQ Plays OF ALL TIME!
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  • IamPlayz


     10 hours ago

    AVERAGE IQ- 100 MY IQ- 136

  • LaMe4real



    8:02 says dakotaz shows pic of sypherpk

  • UltraBPZ 69

    UltraBPZ 69

     2 days ago

    I got killed once because of no.9

  • TSF Marketing

    TSF Marketing

     3 days ago

    My iq is 0

  • Ssund ee

    Ssund ee

     6 days ago

    My iq is 100

  • delmyh74


     6 days ago

    T5g i think the sniper one he quick scope

  • FlameBoy Flash

    FlameBoy Flash

     6 days ago

    Kid suck just kidding

  • FlameBoy Flash

    FlameBoy Flash

     6 days ago

    My is is 256

  • Joeygames 413

    Joeygames 413

     7 days ago

    Top5Gaming has more IQ then me

  • Blacksoul_YT_OG


     7 days ago


  • Spirit


     7 days ago

    Did you just put a pic of sypher pk in when you were talking about dakotaz

  • Joanne Heaton

    Joanne Heaton

     7 days ago


  • Suvir Mehra

    Suvir Mehra

     7 days ago

    My iQ is 140

  • Jason Brine

    Jason Brine

     7 days ago

    I did a 200 iq move in fortnite

    What i did is me and a team mate werer being shot from two people I knocked down his team mate and we were being shot from another duo and what i did was carried the down enemy and throw him at the person I was shot at, he killed the enemy I used him as a shield and eliminated him.

    That was the smartest thing i did in fortnite

  • calvin ford

    calvin ford

     7 days ago


  • Chanda Gebhardt

    Chanda Gebhardt

     14 days ago


  • wascly wabbit

    wascly wabbit

     14 days ago

    ummm........ fortnite life hacks? 6:21

  • MrOwenshearer


     14 days ago

    Your iq is 000000000000000.1

  • Raahim Dunga

    Raahim Dunga

     14 days ago


  • great f

    great f

     14 days ago

    35000 iq