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Jay-Z teams up with NFL on activism, entertainment l ABC News

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • The partnership will give Jay-Z a role in selecting acts and producing events, as well as contributing to the league's activism arm.#ABCNews #JayZ #NFL #RocNation #Activism #SuperBowl
  • Source: https://youtu.be/l5hfZlc888I


  • Xtreme Performance

    Xtreme Performance

     6 days ago +32

    Anyone will sell out for money

  • Jay Muller

    Jay Muller

     6 days ago +38

    Another good reason to boycott the NFL

  • Gregs Buck

    Gregs Buck

     6 days ago +17

    Jaz Z and Beyonce got no more soul and no more black fans.

  • Live Shows

    Live Shows

     6 days ago +16

    Jay Z is spreading himself too thin. How many can products can one person endorse ? Personification of greed.

  • 03 AI

    03 AI

     6 days ago +20

    NFL suddenly became a liberal league like NBA😂😂

  • Ray Dawg

    Ray Dawg

     6 days ago +15

    Jay Z get a grip Oreo and stop selling out

  • Captain Ghostly Ranger

    Captain Ghostly Ranger

     6 days ago +18

    Can I watch football or any sport in general without politics getting involved plz I’m just want to watch a game in peace

  • Myron Boone

    Myron Boone

     6 days ago +32

    Beyonce and Jay Z are corny.



     an hour ago +1

    JD was offered the same deal and Jay Z told him to turn it down..smh Slime ball

  • alabamagaboy


     6 days ago +16

    And that Lady's and Gents is Hypocrisy at its best and is the Death to a League

  • Ruger 1

    Ruger 1

     6 days ago +5

    You know what you could do better NFL keep politics and activism out of the game.

  • Cat named Bitches

    Cat named Bitches

     6 days ago +13


  • Ochoa Bey

    Ochoa Bey


    If he cant change the National Anthem, his deal is worthless. Because it starts there." OBEY

  • Charlie M

    Charlie M

     6 days ago +15

    Please stop turning the National Football League into a political platform! When I tune in, I just want to watch football!

  • eugenewash65


     23 hours ago

    The Jay-Z and NFL deal is only to quiet and kill all competition

  • Jacob Beast

    Jacob Beast

     6 days ago +6

    Jay Z fell off. Forgettable has been.

  • Mr Green

    Mr Green


    If you want the perfect example of modern slavery just look at the USA...from the NBA to the NFL and all over the place..also in europe though

  • busterthe2


     6 days ago +3

    Just wanna watch football. Screw social justice

  • Jimmy Padilla

    Jimmy Padilla

     6 days ago +3

    I thought this was supposed to be about football the halftime show we could without

  • Conjurer Woman

    Conjurer Woman

     5 days ago +2

    Jay-Z is a sell out! It isn't like he needed the money. I no longer have any respect for him! Beyonce, time to leave!