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MY LAST VIDEO (100K subs SFX giveaway)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 27, 2018
  • I told myself when I reached 100K I would end the channel.

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  • Imoh Balu

    Imoh Balu

     7 days ago

    Please continue this channel you are part of us.

  • azaz zaza

    azaz zaza

     21 days ago

    my god!!!! legendary introo

  • Muhammed ALi

    Muhammed ALi

     a months ago

    Me an my wife don’t watch tv anymore jus YouTube lectures an smile2Jannah which is very funny 🙏😇

  • Fathima Siddikah

    Fathima Siddikah

     a months ago

    Brother I guess I found you just before a week through Ali dawah's channel. And got addicted to your sense of humors and the way you convey the messages. And for now I watched almost every single video of yours but I never see you this much serious. I really felt bad. I love to see you always smiling with the Almighty Allah's help. And cheers, for now you got so many brothers and sisters as subscribers ☺️ May Allah always guide you.. and continue doing good works so it will benefit our next generation as well.

  • Stephen


     a months ago

    Thank you very much for your videos I came across your videos a couple months ago and I enjoy watching them very much. Keep up the amazing work brother and May Almighty Allah bless you

  • Lonewolfqueen I shall never bow down to any man

    Lonewolfqueen I shall never bow down to any man

     a months ago

    No don’t end it I love you and your videos

  • Raheel Khan

    Raheel Khan

     a months ago


  • Last Ummah

    Last Ummah

     a months ago

    No Cap, On Grove Street

  • Type Last

    Type Last

     a months ago


  • Patriotic Khan

    Patriotic Khan

     a months ago

    I am Really cry many your videos.. mashaallah....

  • amagrabeh


     a months ago +1

    Thank you brother. May Allah love you.
    I love you for whatever you can do for the ummah.
    I hope one day you make a movie. In sha Allah.

  • Gracy Jones

    Gracy Jones

     2 months ago

    I am going to Estitision school. I hope to open a beauty shop in my home that will be a Islamic option and a save place for women to be private without men. It be ladies having coffee and feel pretty. This way my work allows me to be able to care for my family, pray, and not compromise my beliefs. You are doing great. Thank you tons.

  • Gracy Jones

    Gracy Jones

     2 months ago

    Thank you for the videos. Your videos are fun and I learn lots. I hope it's ok I am not a guy. I hope my boys sons will watch your videos. Please don't stop making videos. Could you get married and have a wife that does a lady verison. Well that be amazing.

  • Falcon


     2 months ago

    Im here because of khabib

  • Yassin Moula

    Yassin Moula

     2 months ago

    I hope that u not leaving us brother.

  • II Parachute Regiment

    II Parachute Regiment

     2 months ago

    Congratulations dude... keep up with the good work... so smile 2 junnah is heaven lol.. whats allhamdoleelaa mean???

    Also when you take the jam out of Tommys doughnut, try to add video to it, whichever subject you are talking about see if you can get video clips to it

  • Farid frd

    Farid frd

     2 months ago

    S2J. The importance of this channel is, messages and values. Nice artwork. 👍

  • Sona Falk

    Sona Falk

     3 months ago +1

    I love the entrance video. 😂
    And I'm glad you are still going!!!💜

  • Zohaib Mohammed Naeem

    Zohaib Mohammed Naeem

     4 months ago

    Your this video is very inspiring...there are some people who are religious and just want to enforce their ways and appreciate less on the creative stuffs like these, which should be there also like the other simple lecture videos. You mustered up the courage brother to stop thinking and doing things narrowly and thinking to just make lectures or say nothing about deen at all... the sad part is that there are evil videos out there in creative ways which are hardly targeted that way by the Islamic religious people.. like they target those who are atleast doing something of good and Allah does not judge that way, so from where did the people come from? Checkout my channel ... I also took inspiration from you in this channel.

  • Saadk Ali

    Saadk Ali

     4 months ago

    I can feel the purity of your soul, Mashallah !