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The Luckiest Plays in Sports History | Part 1

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 8, 2018
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  • Kaiping Zhang

    Kaiping Zhang

     6 hours ago

    3:07 how???

  • Sam Bevins

    Sam Bevins

     14 days ago

    american sports history

  • baverfjant


     21 days ago

    Not even a single clip from the worlds biggest sport. Could've just said "In American Sports History" cause noone else is watching NFL and MLB.

  • Craig Foster

    Craig Foster

     21 days ago




     a months ago

    American football, most boring shit ever lol

  • Felix Culpa

    Felix Culpa

     a months ago

    I'm sure Roger Federer is in this because he was lucky he got such an opportunity to show how skilled he is!

  • Felix Culpa

    Felix Culpa

     a months ago

    Wait hockey's considered a sport now??

  • Mourning Star

    Mourning Star

     2 months ago +1

    Almost none of these are luck, you utter hack

  • Steven Anacker

    Steven Anacker

     2 months ago

    0:40 not luck. 2:12 not luck.

  • Naval Special Operator TEAM 2

    Naval Special Operator TEAM 2

     2 months ago

    That nascar one ain't luck that's pure skill right there

  • Tennis and Basketball Equals Greatness

    Tennis and Basketball Equals Greatness

     2 months ago

    Federer is a pro at those shots, its normal.

  • CybeastID


     2 months ago

    0:59 That ball is so clearly foul its not even funny.


  • PR33CJ4NT


     2 months ago


  • ALLUCK NoSkill

    ALLUCK NoSkill

     2 months ago

    i never understand why in football if the receiver is obviously covered why the 2nd dude comes in and fucks it all up. greedy ass

  • mike harms

    mike harms

     3 months ago

    Go big red

  • oce


     3 months ago +2

    9:23 these guys jumping like rabbits

  • James Joseph

    James Joseph

     3 months ago

    Patriots are good, lucky, and they cheat...they're tough to beat.

  • blackhawks81H


     3 months ago

    Wow that NASCAR save was impressive. Considering those cars are intentionally severely lacking in downforce to the point where a driver farting particularly hard, or being named Danica can just cause them to spin wildly out of control.... To run through the grass, back on the track, go that sideways, and still save it, is a hell of a peice of driving... Ask any F1 driver who's ever tried NASCAR.. Lewis Hamilton traded rides with Tony Stewart one time and was like "wtf, how do you make this car not spin out?" meanwhile Tony, who's actually got a ton of open wheel experience from driving indycars and various other leagues, including those fuckin constantly sideways sprint Bastards, was driving the F1 car like "wtf, is it even possible to lose control in this thing, why not just mount it to a rail?"

  • 백민규


     3 months ago

    That's is not a lucky shot. 2:14

  • Mona Djordje

    Mona Djordje

     3 months ago

    Titles video: "The Luckiest Plays in Sports History"
    shows stupid americans