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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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    In an epic 6 month saga we set out to beam WiFi over distances way farther than it was ever supposed to go.

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  • Vlc : Content

    Vlc : Content

     2 days ago

    how the camera man so fast!????

  • IRMacGuyver


     2 days ago

    Does Canada not have a version of OSHA to keep employees from having to wave metal poles around in thunderstorms?

  • marlon Wood

    marlon Wood

     2 days ago

    my longest is 32 miles with 99.998% uptime... but yah cool

  • greys242


     3 days ago

    This is the same fast internet we have here in a small village in the Uk delivered by Wessex internet

  • Στάθης Δρακίδης

    Στάθης Δρακίδης

     3 days ago

    A nice one!! Is there a chance you checked the ping?

  • DNK Zimb

    DNK Zimb

     4 days ago +1

    linus you are a shithouse

  • Jay Manley

    Jay Manley

     5 days ago +1

    When you have to zoom out on google maps to see your WiFi coverage

    your probably LTT

  • Dubz


     5 days ago

    The cringe level of him setting his laptop on the dirt. Amazing a "tech tips" channel would be so naive.

    Yes, it can be cleaned, but you shouldn't be so careless with stuff like that. Especially when making a channel advertising you know about such things...

  • Aiko Gala-San Jose

    Aiko Gala-San Jose

     6 days ago

    How much the price of the dish? And what's the exact model?

  • N P

    N P

     6 days ago

    i clicked for the thumbnail. i watched this already too

  • Adam French

    Adam French

     7 days ago

    Totally reminds me of the days when Wifi first came out and I got my first 802.11b NetGear AP. We put it on my parents roof, then me and my friend went out for a walk across the fields outside of our village, and got about 2 miles away with a Yagi antenna and managed to get about 5Mbps out of the total of 11Mbps available, and were surfing the internet whilst sat on top of a hill surrounded by sheep... lol

    I bet if we did the same experiment now, we'd barely get anything due to the massive boom of WiFi enabled homes now, and the SNR would be too awful to get anything useful. When we did that experiment, I think Wifi had only just hit the retail shops in the UK, so we were probably one of only a handful of people in my village who had WiFi. If my memory is correct, I think that was back in about 2001 possibly 2002 when we did that. Man fun times.

  • Dovah-chan


     7 days ago

    so they're just setting up WiMAX??

  • Steven Mokoena

    Steven Mokoena

     7 days ago

    haha, y'all are supposed to be tech people. Right from the top of my head I can think, use google maps to get one another's location, then use a campus if that thing isn't accurate enough. Then lastly use can use the map's terrain to get your elevation and know where to point or use something that tells you how far above sea level you are

  • cadman


     7 days ago

    This is no more WiFi than a submarine cable or ethernet to an AP is WiFi. It's just a wireless radio ink.

  • iforce2d


     7 days ago

    lol amateurs... kinda painful to watch and very long. Just turn the damn things on, point in the approximate direction and adjust for best signal (one end at a time of course). Could have been a 5 minute video.

  • Vuvus210596


     7 days ago

    couldn't they get two compasses and get the bearings from map?

  • Plazma Plazmitch

    Plazma Plazmitch

     7 days ago

    19:58 like Thats better than my internet

  • Cheep Cheese128

    Cheep Cheese128

     7 days ago

    So it’s basically VERY EXTREME airdrop

  • Koton Bads

    Koton Bads

     7 days ago

    Use a radio tower as a WiFi antenna

  • The Helping Mind

    The Helping Mind

     14 days ago +2

    Kreosan English : You gotta be kidding me.😄