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Dog Whispering Is The Most Dangerous Job

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
  • This is the greatest whispering of All Time
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  • rick swordfire

    rick swordfire

     2 months ago +1961

    "The dog doesnt trust men, so the only way for him to trust a man, is for a man to gain his trust"
    Cesar is truly an intellectual

  • B00ST10


     1 months ago +881

    This guy just staring at the dog while getting his wound cleaned is the ultimate power move

  • Wrugglethumper Spanks, Otter Provocateur

    Wrugglethumper Spanks, Otter Provocateur

     2 months ago +2226

    "showdown with Holly" will be the name of the next ProJared video

  • Mangor


     1 months ago +536

    "You see it's calmed dow-"

  • Dad of the Year

    Dad of the Year

     3 months ago +10374

    Seeing Charlie laugh hysterically at a man kicking a dog has made my day.

  • That one Guy

    That one Guy

     1 months ago +765

    fun fact:
    Holly is the dog from the "ANGERY" meme

  • luigi morelos

    luigi morelos

     1 months ago +473

    All jokes aside, this man is actually godly. He has never lost a duel against a dog

  • Daniel Cordero

    Daniel Cordero

     1 months ago +228

    Man:you can see the relaxation in her face
    Holly:(engages in combat)
    Man:*kicks dog*

  • Yellow Drapes

    Yellow Drapes

     2 months ago +291

    sprays antibacterial spray on bite
    Pours hydrogen peroxide on bite

  • El Prolapso

    El Prolapso

     3 months ago +3533

    "I am not being aggressive, I am being dominant." [kicks dog]

  • Tehzn


     7 days ago +81

    Am I the only one who’s never seen Charlie laugh this much? 😂 😭

  • Dogepugs 2006

    Dogepugs 2006

     4 days ago +10

    Man sexually harrases dog with broom while owner watches through window 1

  • Virck


     28 days ago +85

    Asserting dominance:
    Drinking a bottle of water in the face of danger

  • The Supreme Thunder Dragon

    The Supreme Thunder Dragon

     7 days ago +29

    For somebody who is super mellow and composed, I’m kinda surprised.
    I’ve never seen Charlie have a laughing fit that intense at 3:55 and 4:05!!! Was he drunk or what???

  • Asriel The Blue Waffle Creature

    Asriel The Blue Waffle Creature

     3 months ago +2652

    I've never seen this man express this much emotion.

  • Eric Walsh

    Eric Walsh

     2 months ago +60

    Holly legit made him think shit was cool then locked on his hand

  • Wild side Baby

    Wild side Baby

     2 months ago +43

    He really jabbed her and proceeded to throw the crip gang sign

  • Aristokriseas KC

    Aristokriseas KC

     7 days ago +18

    "he looks like a loney tunes cgaracter eating a husk of corn"
    You broke me, depression whisperer

  • Hentake


     28 days ago +37

    "You never should have come here."

  • Zesty Catz

    Zesty Catz

     2 months ago +3948

    Man: you can see the relaxation in her face
    Holly: I'm about to end this mans whole career