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#1 ♫ Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/lijFuLFI9RQ


  • Seymour13

     6 months ago

    Stronger - 0:00Intoxicated - 4:04Crush - 7:46Run Away - 11:53Phoenix Down - 15:03Time Bomb - 19:08Maximize - 22:27Warrior Inside - 25:34Violet Skies - 28:55Lost Chance - 32:53Sometimes - 36:50The Lucky One - 40:08Sever - 44:54Alive - 48:30Get Up - 52:02Lonely Girl - 55:56Fake It - 58:53

  • King Maker

     16 days ago

    Você é o cara! ^^

  • Gabriele Prosperi

     6 months ago

    i finally found what i'll search for a long long time. Thank you man!!Always strong!

  • Семён Семёныч

     2 months ago


  • Fox

     3 months ago

    Same :D

  • Kibian

     7 months ago

    This is the kind of music that a gamer needs for giving its 100% in every game. Congrats for such excelent mix, I love it!

  • Painmaster Pinhead

     6 months ago

    I agree...but its also to sit at Home,click world out and music LOUD on!!!

  • cesar americano

     6 months ago

    Al fin algo de Gaming Music Mix que no sea NightCore/ Dubstep

  • Ayoub Sw

     6 months ago

    Nice video man its like workout music haha thanks

  • Rollecs Tv

     4 days ago

    Дякую за кілька хвилин ностальгії треки 2012 і старше років, хах не думав що ще десь почую як окрім на древніх флеш картах)

  • Tyler Palazzo


    You won me at Maximize. <3

  • Patrick Greenberg

     7 months ago

    I like the music but dislike the amount of ads. Trying to fix my motorbike with oil on my hands and listening to ads every 5 minute is annoying. I would rather listen to a rock radio station

  • Filip Barac

     7 days ago

    as far as I know adblock is dead or not working right anymore since a couple of years ago, get ublock

  • BlitzKriieg James

     20 days ago

    @Derel Vanhorn I'm on pc and i see 11 adds. On top of which just putting this out there...These artists probably don't get paid much or not at all. These guys if any probably perform small shows but mostly just work at home and put it on some platform like YT or Spotify and such.....so why monetize their music so you get paid for it?


     2 months ago

    muito bem organizado

  • Shiny Oshawott

     2 months ago

    Well, I have the 3rd one and I just wanna listen to it even when I'm not gaming. Just a lonely song for me. 👍💓 thanks for the list this was epic!