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The Perfect Mother - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 11, 2019
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  • Tosh T

    Tosh T

     3 months ago +5679

    Neighbor Cheryl needs to be a recurring character where she only says "Hell no!"

  • Cornlips 4

    Cornlips 4

     3 months ago +2391

    This is litteraly the best most realistic thing I have ever seen about parenting!
    So flawless.
    I did not stop laughing the whole time.

  • Simba


     3 months ago +1322

    "Enjoying the show, Cheryl?"...."Hell, no!"

  • Christina Dobbs

    Christina Dobbs

     3 months ago +673

    This made me cry because I was so hard on myself for not being a "good mother" but my kids seem to understand and know how hard I worked to keep a roof over our for Mother's Day, I honor them for being understanding and forgiving

  • Dudits Grey

    Dudits Grey

     3 months ago +622

    Very accurate representation of true motherhood and being a Grandma. The true story of things.

  • Chris G.

    Chris G.

     3 months ago +6153

    i died when she asked “Enjoying the show Cheryl?” and then she said “Hell no” 💀💀💀

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

     3 months ago +536

    The weekly, "way too real to be funny" sketch. Happy Mother's Day moms. It's real AF out there.

  • Aggro Eel

    Aggro Eel

     3 months ago +56

    That little SLUT! While reading her dairy! 😂
    I love women

  • SuperDad1266


     3 months ago +105

    This may be the most life accurate sketch SNL has done, and one of its funniest. So many memories from my childhood, and my parenthood mirror this.



     3 months ago +335

    This is funnier if you dont have kids



     3 months ago +3102

    Uploading clips even before the episode finishes airing. You guys are clearly dedicated to the YouTube game lol

  • Jack Charbonneau

    Jack Charbonneau

     3 months ago +458

    My wife was dressed for work, ready to go, picked up the youngest to say good-bye, and he COVERED her and himself in puke.
    She smiled and took him straight into the shower... both still fully clothed. Kids are fun!
    Happy Mother's Day!🎉🙌

  • D. Steven

    D. Steven

     3 months ago +152

    "Fake It Till You Make It."

  • Holly B

    Holly B

     3 months ago +153

    I just sent this to both my adult daughters (who are both moms) wishing them Happy Mother's Day. ❤

  • Ro G

    Ro G

     3 months ago +217

    Dear Mom,
    Sorry I crashed the car when I was 17 and for that one time I lied about the sleepover and stayed out all night drinking with the kids from the catholic school.
    Love you!

  • I eat Beans

    I eat Beans

     3 months ago +5137

    Mom reading journal
    “What a little slut”
    That part had me dying!!!

  • Brastius


     3 months ago +76

    For all new and expecting parents, just try your best. Don't worry about ruining your kids' lives or failing. You will do both.
    But, you will also be the greatest thing in their lives. Happy Mother's Day.

  • Karen Soza

    Karen Soza

     3 months ago +46

    Im currently pregnant. This was both hilarious and terrifying. 😥😂

  • Limunada A

    Limunada A

     3 months ago +59

    It's true that mother loves us unconditional BUT they also hate us AF at the same moment.

  • Kimmy Leffel

    Kimmy Leffel

     3 months ago +20

    And this is why my husband & I have puppies 😂😆🤣