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Sekiro | Hardest Final Boss

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • This is the greatest big boss battle of All Time
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  • Scamboli Reviews

    Scamboli Reviews

     4 months ago +3037

    Nah, the hardest boss is definitely your barber.

  • maiyaweht


     4 months ago +2090

    9:40 charlie calling out for a fitting female to mate with

  • Elijah Berthume

    Elijah Berthume

     4 months ago +1636

    The fact that he beat saint Isshin first try is absolutely insane

  • alex Debroux

    alex Debroux

     4 months ago +1142

    9:41 Charlie's life essence leaves his body with an agonizing howl

  • Big Boss

    Big Boss

     4 months ago +546

    The trick is not to hesitate, otherwise you'll be defeated.

  • gena138


     4 months ago +1522

    It's interesting to hear some actual emotion in Charlie's voice

  • Aidan Santistevan

    Aidan Santistevan

     4 months ago +1566

    Charlie: 🧔🏻

  • Daniel Sambar

    Daniel Sambar

     4 months ago +931

    Meh... child’s play.
    The Ender Dragon is for real gamers.

  • Jamie Jones

    Jamie Jones

     4 months ago +485

    You can tell he genuinely enjoyed this because he actually included the faintest of edits

  • Reid Hunter

    Reid Hunter

     4 months ago +528

    Seeing cr1t1kal accidentally leap off a cliff in the heat of battle made my day

  • Ryan Dilworth

    Ryan Dilworth

     4 months ago +563

    H E S I T A T I O N I S D E F E A T

  • Vincent Lisa

    Vincent Lisa

     4 months ago +346

    "Dying to Genichiro in 2019." LMFAO

  • John Bread

    John Bread

     4 months ago +371

    For more high quality skillful gameplay you can head over to and witness gods work.

  • The weird Kid in class

    The weird Kid in class

     4 months ago +170

    Wow I can’t believe he actually beat it first try

  • Gonk Droid

    Gonk Droid

     4 months ago +304

    Silly Charles, everyone knows the hardest final boss in a video game is JOHNNY SINS

  • Speccy


     4 months ago +123

    When the grandpa tilts you so hard that you can't kill the first guy anymore...

  • CitrusFriend


     4 months ago +78

    In Which A Geriatric Samurai Pulls Out A Glock

  • John


     4 months ago +195

    Nice boss fight, would be great to watch live at love to see you there he streams daily

  • Stranger


     4 months ago +62

    Homeless man busts his load while defeating big sword boi on YouTube.

  • Super


     4 months ago +142

    Sekiro but a white male in a white t shirt rocking a bowl cut is streaming on Twitch while playing the game then editing it and uploading it to Youtube