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Apple Sheep Unboxes Pixel Slate

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018
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  • Lillian Rox

    Lillian Rox

     4 months ago

    Am I the only one who never uses multitasking on a tablet? Lol

  • whatthef911


     5 months ago

    Pixel slate #SearchingForKeyboard

  • VanMan 23

    VanMan 23

     6 months ago

    0:17 I don’t think Santa would want to give Pixel Slates to naughty people because of how expensive they are. He’d be broke in trying to get them and give it to the naughty.

  • MegaWorldBuilder


     6 months ago

    You can see his iPad pro is bent 3:58

  • nares2005


     6 months ago

    WHAT is the Watch band you’re wearing here? The color looks so nice!

  • Destinygamer X

    Destinygamer X

     7 months ago

    Lol after I disconnected the Smart Keyboard from my iPad Pro my iPad glitched ant thought that it was still connected.It didn’t show the on screen keyboard



     8 months ago +1

    I have the surface pro 6 and the virtual keyboard works just fine.

  • PeterLiuIsBeast


     8 months ago +1

    Someone forgot to read that the Pixel Slate is not running Android but rather Chrome OS. So of course you don't open the app by default.

  • James Burke

    James Burke

     11 months ago

    Well google pixel slate is another dumpster device by google. (I wish it wasn’t the case) Also why is google running android on their premium device. It’s a shell that says google, that’s about it.

  • Vincent Bröms

    Vincent Bröms

     11 months ago

    It's like nobody's actually trying out and comparing their products before release.

  • Juan Jimenez

    Juan Jimenez

     11 months ago

    IPad Pro really sucks because it brakes easily

  • allbluedream


     11 months ago

    You kinda picked a low hanging fruit there ;) The Pixel Slate is probably the worst tablet you can buy for your money

  • Christian Rosales

    Christian Rosales

     11 months ago

    the last good thing google did hardware side is pixel 2, after that its loads of money grabbing shit hardwares. i love my pixel, but seriously a thousand dollar for that shit? IPAD will always be the king of tablet i mean i have ipad 6th gen and it smokes latest samsung tabs and other tablets.

  • Tenderonies


     11 months ago

    he is not using a pixel stand with an iphone xr

  • xw33b


     11 months ago

    6:58 - " look at that loading screen "

    nah fam, look at that bezel LMFAO

    big yikes

  • Illustrathor


     11 months ago

    I just use the best from each sector.
    Homecomputer: Windows
    Tablet: Apple
    Phone: Android

  • Provat Sarkar

    Provat Sarkar

     11 months ago

    Google pixel slate is future android computer device

  • Cosmin Strut

    Cosmin Strut

     11 months ago


  • Adiii


     11 months ago

    This is not the best of Google, they can do better and this would just reinforce your sheepiness

  • MC


     11 months ago

    You don’t need to call yourself an iSheep, we all hate it.