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Animals Hugging People Animals Hugging Humans Compilation New 2018 HD

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 29, 2018
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  • Joann Sifuentez

    Joann Sifuentez

     1 months ago +309

    That was the cutest thing in the whole world

  • Chris Zack

    Chris Zack

     21 days ago +102

    Now the tables have turned 1:46

  • ShutmonMayhem Neo

    ShutmonMayhem Neo

     1 months ago +133

    Lions have the most genuine reactions of happiness when they see a loved one. I love big cats more than ever before now.

  • mrhypnagogia


     2 months ago +324

    Most of these animals could chop our face off. But they dont. We trust them wont make us suffer and give all our trust away for feeling their warm love. Humanity should do the same. Animals should trust humans not to bring pain and suffering to them. Its becoming the time for international law and regularization for the worst of humanity to be put in check.

  • Angry Naga

    Angry Naga

     1 months ago +167

    Love can change everyone not only human 🙈❤

  • Kaylee Bueno

    Kaylee Bueno

     1 months ago +162

    Did anybody cry to this???

  • bLeAcH 69

    bLeAcH 69

     21 days ago +44

    Animals are so precious I don’t know how people could ever hurt one

  • Jeremiah Luoma

    Jeremiah Luoma

     28 days ago +84

    The little was hugging the white chicken then pushed the black one away 😂😂

  • Weild Weld

    Weild Weld

     28 days ago +42

    This is the type of content I wanna see

  • gamboie yt

    gamboie yt

     21 days ago +30

    This made me rethink who are the animals are we the animals for killing them bc they just want to be loved not harm us

  • Spicy boi

    Spicy boi

     21 days ago +37


  • J Bro

    J Bro

     1 months ago +80

    The little boy hugging the chicken at 01:15 broke my heart

  • pamela okoro

    pamela okoro

     1 months ago +54

    a glimpse of heaven here on earth. makes me cry. how man ruined God's plans.

  • Muhammad Saad

    Muhammad Saad

     19 hours ago +1

    Whenever I get sad and things don’t go well, I watch this video. This is an ultimate therapy. Bless you, uploader❤️

  • Dinosaurzs


     4 days ago +6

    Something lets me feel I dont want to get hugged by a bear at 7:01

  • Evan Singh

    Evan Singh

     7 hours ago +1

    I really liked when the duck ran to the person with spreader wings for a hug at 4:48

  • R Burkett

    R Burkett

     1 months ago +24

    Im cryimg right now bacause of how happy this makes me 😂

  • The Cringey Boi

    The Cringey Boi

     21 days ago +12

    This world is cruel, but at the same time, it's beautiful.

  • 2 smashing sisters

    2 smashing sisters

     21 days ago +17

    3rd one was a legit bear hug ❤️😭

  • Alexandru387


     21 days ago +11

    Welcome to the good side of YouTube.