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Handy Tech Under $100 Episode 10 - Better than Ever!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 6, 2015
  • This episode is a little different!

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  • Tim Siemssen

    Tim Siemssen

     2 months ago

    her head is usually on my shoulder or "somewhere else"

  • Cavan Howard

    Cavan Howard

     5 months ago

    Whys there shotgun shells?

  • Nick Hanson

    Nick Hanson

     6 months ago

    Can learn more about Muli-Factor Authentication where? Hah the link is not present when I watch at this time, annotations are turned on ;)

  • Heimvar the Apprentice

    Heimvar the Apprentice

     7 months ago

    Lmfaooooo the amprobe is just a rebranded battery tester that's on Amazon already haha

  • CozyKyler Vallee

    CozyKyler Vallee

     11 months ago

    Useless tech over $100

  • Meat Co-God

    Meat Co-God

     a years ago

    3:04 casual shotgun shells

  • Steven Hook

    Steven Hook

     a years ago

    Where's the MFA video mentioned at 3:43? - and - what's the bit about backup and restore at 4:27? From everything I've read the private keys are securely locked away and it's impossible to back the key up or clone it.

  • Alex S

    Alex S

     a years ago

    Love that intro

  • Steven Hook

    Steven Hook

     a years ago

    Yubikey backup and restore in case you lose it?

  • Flykope


     a years ago

    Oh shit i have that battery tester
    Shotgun shells?

  • Torguemada


     a years ago

    Heh i would have updated to Win 10 couple years ago whn i last updated my PC, if Microsoft would have bothered to program a working update tool.

  • Rod Munch

    Rod Munch

     a years ago

    I got a series 0 Apple Watch nearly 3 years ago and it's been fantastic due to the updates to the software to let it run apps natively. Also nearly 3 years in and it still easily holds a full charge, so color me impressed.

  • Finn


     a years ago

    Just what’s with the shotgun shells?

  • Finian Wright

    Finian Wright

     a years ago

    For battery testers, I recommend the ZTS Pulse Load Multi-battery tester. It can test many types of batteries and has an led charge graph.

  • Doehg


     a years ago

    wireless xbox dongle?
    p s 4 c o n t r o l l e r s don't need a n y

  • yankeevader


     a years ago

    the xbox one dongle does in fact have drivers for win 7 and 8 / 8.1 - when it was first released it worked natively out of the box with win 7 and 8 / 8.1 but microsoft decided to change the firmware and block use with anything but windows 10. I have a copy of the drivers and can say from personal experience that this works with windows 8.1 very well. ill provide a link in case someone wants it.

  • Jack Norton

    Jack Norton

     a years ago

    dont tell me the sky is the limit when there are footstep on the moon!

  • Delcarius


     a years ago +1

    damn i really wanted an ass probe

  • Marksclub


     a years ago

    can it hang my tv

  • Ivan Ettlin

    Ivan Ettlin

     a years ago

    2:26 totally my Kind of problem!
    (Not ironicaly)