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Dennis Rodman and 7-foot-7 Gheorghe Muresan jostling for position!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • Dennis Rodman to play mind games 7-foot-7 Muresan once and eggs him on as they're running down the court. And of course the complete highlights of him from this game in particular. All the antics and hustle plays, his energy on the court is truly remarkable.Support Oldskoolbball -- on Social Media:--Instagram:
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  • Dennis Rodman

     4 months ago

    Thank. You. 👍Bulls.- Dennis. Rodman.

  • z06guy 04

     19 days ago

    Omg! You are my favorite player ever!

  • H Lam

     19 days ago

    Hi Dennis!

  • BLUE Lawin

     2 months ago

    Battling rebounds for a 7foot 7 ...And destroying all giants on NBA in rebounds.. Dennis Rodman is a monster legend..

  • RockaJabroni

     4 months ago

    Rodman could guard anybody.

  • j k

     15 days ago


  • BullRed94

     15 days ago

    And? lol phag

  • mirror shadez

     4 months ago

    Very biased commentators

  • fredettaboutit

     2 months ago

    Or maybe you are the biased one...

  • Darius Williams

     4 months ago

    Man threw an elbow at Rodman's head too.

  • Max Baba

     1 months ago

    When men played basketball. This was the end of such era in the NBA.

  • TheYes1210

     23 days ago

    But there was still many soft calls in here

  • Nwo Shorty

     2 months ago

    I was still checking for Jordan even with video being about rodman

  • Edgar Vasquez

     a months ago

    Rodman the legend,its funny how Michael knows they are calling all this fouls on Rodman and he retaliated with some amazing offense on the players rodman's was guarding.

  • Robert Slone

     2 months ago

    Dennis Rodman........ love him or hate him he was one of the smartest players around. He could get in almost anybody's head at will.

  • Ty Brown

     a months ago

    This style of playing in today’s nba u gone get kick out or u can get a fine but back then u better be ready to fight

  • The Truth

     2 months ago

    Rodman always got shit called on him.. Best defensive player to ever play. Dont hate the worm, hate the game

  • black man

     18 days ago

    Fouling and playing hard was part of his game.. u gonna have to earn that basket