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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
  • Gamers - whether it's the one who friend that always rage quits, the completionist, the friend that can't seem to get his mic working, and more, this is Every Gamer Ever!CASTIan HecoxNoah GrossmanKeith Leak Jr. Courtney MillerOlivia SuiShayne ToppCREWDirected & Produced by Ryan ToddWritten by Ian Hecox, Shayne Topp, Monica Vasandani, & Ryan FinnertySmosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony PadillaSmosh Creative Director: Luke BaratsDirector of Photography: Mitch AndersonEditor: Leonard WilkesSenior Producer: Alex HluchProducer: Kristina NikolicFirst Assistant Director: Tanner RisnerProduction Manager: Andy GarwigProduction Designer: Jade SpiersCamera: Brennan Iketani1st AC: Jameo DuncanGaffer: Trent TurnerKey Grip: Justin ThatcherSound Mixer: Greg JonesMakeup Artist: Rachel JenkinsCostume Designer: Lindsay HamiltonScript Supervisor: Talia BrahmsDIT: Walter HillProduction Assistant: Kristin SanchezArt Assist: Hope SteinmanArt Assist: Kianna BlivenAssistant Editor: Matthew DuranPost-Production Supervisor: Reed BriceSenior Design: Ness Cardano
  • Source: https://youtu.be/mJpoSZB95SA


  • Golden Revolve

    Golden Revolve

     a years ago +2082

    "Dinner's ready", A gamer's worst nightmare.

  • Chaosnoise


     3 months ago +1290

    At 1:03 legit I thought Ian was gonna say NoobMaster69

  • Otalava


     2 months ago +559

    1:23 "All this AAA titles are so mindless"
    -UNO just passed through
    -Undertale and Rocket League on the screen at the same time

  • Superlisek8200


     4 months ago +731

    1:27 - "Can't they make anything original?"
    1:23 Skips Toby Fox's original UNDERTALE

  • franklin espino

    franklin espino

     3 months ago +292

    Darkrider57? I think that is where Noobmaster69 came from.

  • MCDouble SUPREME

    MCDouble SUPREME

     2 months ago +398

    **scrolls past Undertale**
    “Can anyone make anything original anymore?”

  • Just a normal day in the day

    Just a normal day in the day

     2 months ago +179

    Me: sees someone play fortnite
    Hold up I thought this was every GAMER ever

  • KevsTiburoDracón


     3 days ago +5

    I love games of Mario, Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Smash, And more fighting games and other games!!
    I'm wishing a gamer/fanatic girlfriend too 😯😔

  • J C

    J C

     3 months ago +34

    00:01 me
    Next dude is my bro
    After that is my bff
    Next is that 5 year old who always rage quits

  • signus33 `

    signus33 `

     a years ago +8722

    the one question every gamer asks himself

  • Bossatron 166

    Bossatron 166

     2 months ago +50

    you will never complete skyrim
    damn repetitive quests

  • Rex Derick

    Rex Derick

     2 days ago +7

    0:43 Dude he has no weapons
    "I have found my rival...A guy who has weopons

  • Rival Stud

    Rival Stud

     3 months ago +76

    1:22 he passed uno
    That's original I’m pretty sure
    Just not on ps4 :(

  • Pizzachu 21

    Pizzachu 21

     3 months ago +42

    Nobody can beat Fox.
    kirby entered the chat

  • imgz99


     a years ago +2294

    Every ad ever
    Every football fan ever
    Every wifi password ever
    Every "every blank ever" ever
    Every author ever
    Every artist ever
    Every celebrity ever
    Anyone else?

  • Ryan Lynch

    Ryan Lynch

     2 days ago +1

    The first clips was soooo relatable XD I’m dead!😂😂

  • Milantique Studios

    Milantique Studios


    Yeah. The emptiness man. It comes for us all lol
    Made a match

  • Bailey Gaming

    Bailey Gaming

     1 months ago +14

    4:17 Me when I complete Super Smash Bros Ultimate Story mode

  • Professional Idiotz

    Professional Idiotz

     3 months ago +24

    "I found a player who is my total equal"
    32 HP...

  • Anirudh Raja

    Anirudh Raja

     7 months ago +792

    Wanna smash?
    You will get it.